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Aug 26, 2010 05:09 PM

Arcodoro Pomodoro

Going Friday night. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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  1. I suggest you go somewhere, anywhere, else. I have been a few times because friends wanted to go there. I have never left without being thoroughly disappointed and feeling like I was taken. Go to Taverna. Go to Nonna. Hell, go to Pizza Hut! You'll find better food anywhere.

    1. White asparagus rissoto with foie, and any wild boar dish they are currently service -- especially the ravioli. Striped bass is particularly good.

      Margie! Be sure to drop in Tei An afterwards if tonight after 9. You and Hub call if you like, I should be there.

        1. re: fiore1

          I liked it. I can't say it was the best experience I've ever had at an Italian restaurant. But, it certainly was NOT thoroughly disappointing. The entree's were good and the service was excellent. We had a great time. I did a more extensive review of the meal on my site...

          1. re: margiehubbard

            I read your review on your (excellent) website.
            I just wanted to say, I'll bet there wasn't one Sardinian cooking in the kitchen.

        2. Just read your review. You are right about some people not understanding "Americanized" Italian food and Franklyn's Pizza Rut (oops, Hut) comment.

          I spent almost a month in Sardinia. Remember that Sardinia is an island and it is almost closer to Africa than it is to Europe and mainland Italy. Sicily is also an island, but it sure is a lot closer. Sardinia is NOT known for its food or wine like other Italian regions. That being said, I still had some fabulous foods and meals while there. Cinghiale (wild boar) prosciutto, smoked swordfish and the many sheep's milk cheeses (some with truffles)really stick out in my mind. I was there in the dead of winter yet the fresh fruits and vegetables were still great, better than some I've gotten here in Fort Worth.

          I'm happy you enjoyed your evening, and now you make me really want to venture east to Dallas to try this restaurant.

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          1. re: Barbara76137

            I'm not the person who said go anywhere else, even Pizza Hut, but I could have been - and it's not because I don't understand non-Americanized Italian food. The one time I went to Arcodoro Pomodoro the food and service were so unbelievably bad that I've never been back. For our pasta course, the pasta had either been languishing under heat lamps or the plates themselves had been way too hot - the pasta literally was cooked onto the plate. We would have sent the plates back, but our waiter disappeared for 45 minutes at a time. Worst of all, I got the worst case of food poisoning that I've had since moving to Dallas 4 years ago. Based on other reviews I've seen, it may have just been a really off night for them - but my experience was bad enough that I'm not interested in giving them another shot.