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Dining report from Buffalo

dolphin146 Aug 26, 2010 02:48 PM

Spent two-plus days in town enjoying the city's architecture, arts and very friendly people. Two thumbs up for Buffalo!

Dining reports: (4-**** scale)

Lake Effect Diner: *** Terrific chicken soup, good beef on weck (would have liked more weck on the bun), fine diner coffee and a terrific loganberry shake. Fine value - terrific atmosphere, love those old diner cars-- warm and competent service
Gabriel's Gate: *** Sent here by a bartender for wings which she said were her favorites. Can see why - crispy, meaty, not soggy, served blazing hot (temperature) and just-right hot (spicy). Enjoyed several pints of the house brown ale too, two of which the initially standoffish barkeep comped me. Neat environment, friendly bar crowd. Good value.
Ulrich's *** -- WONDERFUL potato pancakes - light but tasty and filling -- and a very good bratwurst perhaps a tad overcooked. efficient yet friendly service. love the local beer on tap! Excellent value.
Just Pizza: * -- Sweet sauce not my thing but slice was hot and the pepperoni tasty.
Grilled hot dog from vendor at Huron and Main ** -- snappy, spicy well-grilled puppy and flavorful chili sauce. Sahlen's dog, I believe.
Allen St. Hardware Co. -- **1/2 -- Took them an oddly long time to mix a martini. Very friendly and attentive service. Very flavorful sausage/seafood gumbo, rich and dark and luscious. Fried chicken was served hot with a good, firm crust but seemed tasteless. Needed hot sauce and some salt. Sides, grilled asparagus and mac and cheese, were terrific. On the whole fair value. They don't do dessert which I found odd. So I went to ...
Towne -- *** -- and had a luscious lemon-cream cake and good dinner coffee with very friendly and very efficient waitress.
223 Allen St. (Old Pink) -- *** -- surprise, surprise -- I love dive bars and but had no idea they had food. Didn't look like fine dining -- but they serve a terrific strip-steak sandwich (cooked perfectly to medium rare despite the grill guy bartending at same time) on a toasted roll topped with slow-cooked onions and peppers and provolone. A steal at $10!! He also does chicken, grilled baloney and burgers. The baloney looked terrific.
Comfort Zone cafe on Elmwood -- *** -- nicely done espresso and stunningly good vegan cupcakes. Warmly welcoming service.

Comfort Zone Cafe
1002 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

Lake Effect Diner
3165 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214