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Anything edible in or near Six Flags?

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A few friends are getting together for a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure this weekend, and as we have no kids to worry about I'm wondering/hoping if there's something more appealing than the Johnny Rockets and Papa Johns inside the park. I'm willing to drive 15 minutes if it means that we can actually enjoy our lunch rather than just get through it. Are there any legitimate options nearby? It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, and as we'll be in the middle of a day of direct sun and roller coasters, anything too big or sit-downy is probably inappropriate; but a decent, friendly roadside place would be a godsend. Does this exist?

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  1. http://www.tommysinnatmillstone.com/

    Very close to Six Flags.....this should make you happy!

    1. If you choose not to leave the park, the best of what is available is probably the bbq joint by the log flume. Its got the best atmosphere of the in park joints and the food is passable. Another in park option is the Carnegie deli outpost by the main square. The pastrami and corned beef aren't NYC quality, but not bad. (As a season passholder, I've had more than my share of in-park meals)

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        There's a nice place about 5-10 minutes away. I forget the name, but I'm sure someone else will.

        Go west/south on 537 a couple miles to 539. Turn left at the light. About a half mile south on the right is a restaurant set back a bit off the road. For lunch they have decent burgers and sandwiches, as well as larger entrees.

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          the place you are referring to used to be called the outpost, then called the plumstead grill, now i dont know what it is. my rec would be java moon which is right next to the jackson outlets on 537

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            That's it, the Plumstead Grill. I was last there around 1.5 years ago and haven't heard about a name change.

            There is also a diner type place over by KFC/McD. The Millstone Somethingorother. I don't know anything about it.

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              Was just at Java Moon - had the salad with all the pears. It was excellently done except for the pear dressing. Ew. It was flavored with cinnamon. I loved the salad (beautiful greens, a lot of toppings), but I would totally replace the standard dressing with a balsamic vinaigrette.

              Java Moon Cafe
              1022 Anderson Rd, Jackson, NJ 08527

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                2nd for Java Moon. It's close, just over the 195 overpass on 537 East from the park. Sit down, casual, great food. Love the wings.

                Java Moon Cafe
                1022 Anderson Rd, Jackson, NJ 08527

          2. If your looking for a nice burger or sandwich and a cold one, the Clarksburg Inn is about 2 miles away. Here is some information.


            1. Thanks to everyone for the recommendations. We ended up at Java Moon. I was nervous based on the website, which seemed almost a bit Chili's-ish, but the restaurant itself was great! A goat cheese and frisee salad was loaded with wonderfully fresh everything, and the (almost unworkably massive) turkey club came with a basil and balsamic vinaigrette on the side that I could have just drunk with a straw, frankly. Yum! We sat out on the small deck under the trees, and were very, very grateful that we decided to leave the park for lunch.

              Java Moon Cafe
              1022 Anderson Rd, Jackson, NJ 08527

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                Glad you enjoyed! I think maybe I'll take some friends there for a lunch and an afternoon of shopping at the outlets:)