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Aug 26, 2010 12:29 PM

Any green tea experts? Especially of Yamamotoyama.

Hi folks,

I've recently gotten into drinking tea, and after a bit of experimentation, I'm starting to figure out my preferences.

Yamamotoyama is my favorite green tea so far -- and I want to find more brands like it to try.

I do like specialty green teas like genmaicha and bancha, but I've had no trouble finding quality versions of those. It's the savory, grassy, vegetal, all-purpose green tea that I'm looking for -- an intense version of Yamamotoyama. Loose or bagged, either's fine. Something I could find at the local Asian supermarket would be ideal, but I'd consider buying it online.

I've tried Choice brand (tastes like genmaicha-Lite to me), Numi's Gunpowder (refreshing, but too "minty" and crisp), and Prince of Peace's standard green (closer to Yamamotoyama than previous contender but still too minty).

Any suggestions on what brands/styles I should be looking for? Does anyone else prefer the same flavor from their green tea? Should I try sencha next? Will gyokuro be too light?

What are "real" Asians drinking?

Help greatly appreciated-

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  1. Have you tried the Kirkland/Itoen brand sold at Costco for the last three or four years? The packets are well sealed and stay fresh. I have tried many brands and types of green teas and revert back to this one.

    1. Ven, when I was in San Francisco visiting my son in June, I found the yamamotoyama at an Asian grocery store there for like $1.69 for 20 bags of green tea! Very awesome deal and GOOD quality! Now here in SWFL, I've been buying a bag of loose Japanese green tea from my local Asian store...7 ounces for $ plastic bag with Japanese character/alphabet all over it but it says "Japanese Green Tea...Aoyanagicha Imported by Rhee Bros, Inc." This is wonderful loose green tea, it's not organic, but I do love it. And I'm not an expert but I drink 3 or 4 cups of green tea each day (no milk or sugar) and this is such good tasting tea. *If you want, I will buy a bag and send it to you! Let me know*

      1. do you like matcha? If so, blend matcha and genmaicha. you can enjoy nice grassy aroma of matcha and smokey (?) aroma of genmaicha.
        there are some packages already blended together in japan but i am not sure if you can find it...if not, try to blend a little bit of matcha (because it is so strong) in genmaicha. i hope you like it:)