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Aug 26, 2010 12:19 PM

Lucy Restaurant

I am not sure if this is the right board to post, but here goes...

I was at this jazz event on the Danforth yesterday and received a postcard/mini poster.
It says Lucy Restaurant, Grand Opening, September 10 and 11... and the rest is in Ethiopian.
Apparently the restaurant is somewhere around Coxwell and Danforth (where we had the jazz night), but I have absolutely no idea what else is written on it.

Does anyone know what they are offering on Sep 10&11, or read Ethiopian so that if I post a scan of the postcard can tell me what is written on it?

Couldn't find any review on the restaurant.

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  1. If it hasn't opened, how can there be reviews?

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    1. re: curnonsky

      Well at first I thought it hadn't opened because the card said "Grand opening", but when we were looking at the card a man came up and said "Good food. Delicious" and smiled (he didn't speak much English) so I thought maybe it was already open, maybe, and they had an "official" opening on Sep. 10 or something.
      I wish I could read Ethiopian...

    2. Does Lucy mean something in Ethiopian, I wonder? Or is it just the name as in "I Love Lucy"?