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Aug 26, 2010 10:02 AM

Brugge and Vigo

I will be in Vigo and Brugge briefly - looking for lunch recommendations plus chocolate recs for Brugge.


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  1. Just to be sure,are you talking about Vigo in Spain and Bruges in Belgium?

    1. In Brugge I suggest the following and would suggest reservations as they tend to fill up:

      De Hobbit @ Kemelstraat 8, Brugge ph +32 (0)50/33.55.20 - really rilled food- certainly for the area - service was not fast by any means though and I've heard of more recent experiences than we have that they've gotten sort of rudish - but knowing who I heard that from, not sure how much I believe. Across the street was also a pub (don't remember it's name) that was also decently good - ate there once when Hobbit was full - learned we need reservations.

      De Vlaamsche Pot @ Helmstraat 3-5, Ph +32 (0)50/34.00.86

      More reliable of the two to be good. Great food for almost all my visits - I have tried the fish and because I don't typically enjoy fish these dishes I feel I really can't comment very well on. I also typically don't eat game but did try the rabbit and found it to be enjoyable overall. Good and what I've come to understand as typical for Flemish dishes, the Waterzooi is very good, as are the Asparagus. The rabbit I mentioned is cooked in a dark beer sauce - other friends had mentioned it was was and again I'm normally not picking game off the menu. The beef stew is also good - had better but not anywhere close to Brugge. Service has always been good at the Pot. Of the two, I'd go here over Hobbit but other may have different views.

      For chocolates, no real specific help though since so much is qutie good. There's a couple of streets near the Belfort with shops just try any of those and I expect you'll be quite happy.

      A Trip Report would be very well recieved.

      1. For Vigo, may I suggest you run a search on the Spain / Portugal board for "Galicia", and /or post your question directly there.
        Good hunting!

        1. P.S. A search for Bruges on this board (note the French spelling instead of the Dutch Brugge) on this board leads to quiite a few posts also.

          1. In Bruges, check De Refter. It's the affordable version of 3-star restaurant De Karmeliet next door. Great Flemish food and way more affordable than De Karmeliet. You might need to make a reservation though.