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Aug 26, 2010 09:50 AM

Alternate for Fabi & Rosi on Saturday

Hubs and I having a date night Saturday and are going to Alamo DH S. Lamar after dinner.

Had planned on the yummy p.e.i mussels and pork belly for happy hour, but they're on vacation till the 3rd (good for them but drat)...

We hardly ever make it down south at night on the weekends, so pretty much everything is new territory. We'd love to go to a really good happy hour. We'll be eating around 6ish.

Maybe now's the time to finally try Odd Duck? Never been to Olivia's...

Not Uchi. Not what we're looking for.

Uchi Restaurant
801 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

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    1. Make it a trailer night. Odd Duck and Bananarchy!

      1. Oysters at Parkside? HH 5-7, half price bar menu and drinks.

        1. One place I've been wanting to get to is Paggi House. Their HH menu looks pretty good but I'm not sure if it's available on Saturday.

          If you do choose Odd Duck, don't forget to bring your own adult beverage.

          Paggi House
          200 Lee Barton Drive, Austin, TX 78704

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            Just came from South Congress Cafe and liked it a lot. Happy hour from 5 to 6. All appetizers half price. I got three good sized crab cakes with salad for $7, and they were terrific. I licked the plate clean. Also enjoyed at our table: yellow tomato gazpacho, angel hair pasta with roasted vegetables, and crab enchiladas. Crab doesn't usually work for me in an enchilada, but these were excellent.

          2. We decided to give Pearla's a try. Got there at about 5:40 and were sat at a nice table for two outside. Sadly, no one ever took care of us, despite several waiters/waitresses helping tables right next to us. Happy hour expired and we'd waited long enough and left. Probably was a good thing, because we both commented that the crowd gave us a horrible L.A. vibe. Just not our style.

            We ended up at Odd Duck and boy am I glad we did! Ordered the quail, the poached egg and grits, the shredded pork on baguette and the pork belly slider. All were quite wonderful. The big surprise was the poached egg and grits. How can something so simple be so wonderfully savory and comforting? Quail and pulled pork came in a close second; and while the pork belly was good, it was just a little on the "non-crispy" side for me. byob was a nice surprise, so hubs went across the street and we had ice-cold Imperials with dinner. Oh, and I got the last table in the shade - bonus. So, luck was on our side and we had a very lovely date night that didn't break the bank.