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Aug 26, 2010 09:38 AM

Q Haute Cuisine-Calgary

Dealfind Calgary is offering a coupon today (Aug. 26) for Q Haute Cuisine: $25 for $50 worth of food and drinks (good only for dinner). I've seen some scattered comments about Q Haute, but I was wondering if anyone had been there recently. How much did your meal run? Is it as good as, say, Petite or other high-end restaurants that get a lot of mention on this board (Rush, Muse, etc.)?


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  1. I think Q Haute is consistently good (food and service) and would be considered a high-end restuarant. I have not been to Rush but have been to Muse. The view and ambiance is also excellent. The last time I ate there was back in March though.

    You can check their website for their menu-

    1. Just went here for lunch (had a dealfind coupon: $35 for $70 worth of food) and will definitely be coming back. They have a great deal going on, even apart from the coupon (and it looks like it's fairly long-term, too): $15 for a two-course lunch and $20 for a three course lunch. I had the daily "veloute," a potato-leek soup. It was the weakest part of the lunch, not bad but not remarkable. The lamb entree I had, which was tender and very flavorful, and the lemon tart, were both very good. My husband had a fabulous Israeli cous cous salad, mushroom risotto with duck sausage and truffle oil (this might have been the best dish of them all) and yummy chocolate ice cream sandwich with caramelized bananas. Considering all the mediocre lunches I've had for $20, this is an amazing find. It has a formal atmosphere, but it's not snooty, with a great view of the river. There were hardly any people when we went (1:30 on a Friday afternoon). That's a shame.

      1. Last time I was there, I had an excellent appy dish - duck confit with foie gras and cranberry sorbet. One of the best dish I had anywhere really.