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Aug 26, 2010 09:30 AM

Brisbane (Inner City) - Restaurant with a View

I will be staying in Brisbane for two nights in mid-September and wanted to treat a friend out to dinner who lives in the area. I will be near City Hall but would be willing to go a little out of the way for something spectacular.

I'm not concerned about the price but only if the place has a view of the water with good food and service.

Thank you.

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  1. The main water frontage is Eagle Street Pier in the CBD. It has some well known restaurants that have been in business for a while - Il Centro and Char Char Char are the two that spring to mind. However, their actual water views aren't that brilliant.

    My immediate suggestion is to go down the river a bit to Bret's Wharf as the seafood restaurant there is excellent and has a great location (with pelicans). Its top notch and only a short cab ride from the CBD.

    1. Try Aria along the Eagle St Pier. Alto at the powerhouse in New Farm can be good too espeically if sitting outside. You can even catch a ferry to get there.

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        both sound great suggestions. does the ferry go to Brets Wharf as well?

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          Indeed it does. Have not eaten there in quite a while so not too sure about the food at present.

      2. Hi Aria at Eagle Street ticks most of your boxes - good service, good food and a good view of the river and illuminated Story Bridge - you do however pay for it. The food I must say left me a little underwhelmed on my two recent visits. You could also consider Alchemy - still in Eagle street or for a taste of our excellent Queensland seafood try Jellyfish - also situated beside the river and a little less formal. Urbane in the city has excellent food but without the view. Enjoy your visit

        1. I'd vote for Alchemy -- had a great meal there ~12 months ago. Lovely setting, exciting food. I'd skip Il Centro and Char Char Char. And I agree with the previous poster about the terrific food at Urbane. You could always eat there and then stroll along the water through the Botanical Gardens ...

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            I am so out of date. (I do like char but wouldn't recommend it for the view!)