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Aug 26, 2010 09:16 AM

Banquet for 200 - suggestions?

Planning a relatively large meeting and looking for decent eats (obviously fine dining is out of the question lol) in or near seattle. Ideas thus far are the air museum, aquarium and chateau st michelle winery. Any comments on these or other suggestions appreciated!!

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  1. Chowmac, Emerald Downs does a servicable (and affordable) job and has several venues that can accommodate that number of people. (Parking is a breeze as well.)

    1. As a former event planner, I was actually surprised by how well some venues do for large scale food service.

      Check into Pier 67/Bell Harbor. They have a couple of spaces that would likely fit your space.

      Grand Hyatt Seattle. No view, very banquety, but a newer facility that is well designed.

      Those two come immediately to mind, but I'm sure I'll think of others.

      Oh, I have not tried in their new location, but SODO Park is catered by the Herban Feast. Very urban/rustic aesthetic.

      1. My firm has used Bell Harbor (great view but participants have to pay for parking), Cedarbrook (near SeaTac on beautiful grounds with free parking) and the Hyatt @ 7th and Pine (parking in the hotel garage available for a price) for conferences that size with lunch. Participants were enthusiastic about all of them.