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Aug 26, 2010 09:11 AM

Best place to watch a SEC football game?

My husband and I will be in town the middle of September and would like to be able to watch the Alabama game on Saturday afternoon. It's on ABC at 2:30. Any suggestions of a place with good drinks and snacks that would have the game on?


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  1. If you are staying in mid-town,try the ESPN Zone located in Times Square. A tourist trap with okay food. They have plenty of TV's. Additionally, if the game is televised nationally; any bar or pub will carry the game.

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    1. NYC Bars adopt certain schools. Jack Demsey's is the NYC home for Kentucky. They have a dozen big screen TV's. Brother Jimmy's BBQ has 6/7 locations in NYC and they all have multiple big scrren TV's. Check their website for locations. Each one has a bar and 4/5 TV's at the bar ane more around the restaurant.

      Overlook Lounge on 44th has plenty of big screen TV's and a rooftop bar with big screens.

      Jack Demsey's @ 36 West 33rd St., New York, NY 212 - 629 - 9899.

      Brother Jimmy's BBQ @ 1485 2nd Ave., New York, NY 212 - 288 - 0999.

      Overlook Lounge @ 225 East 44th St., New York, NY 212 - 682 - 7266.

      1. There's no guarantee that the Alabama game will be on WABC - the local affiliiate. But given their preseason ranking they probably will.

        Anyway, as a former Upper West Side resident, Blondies (79th/bet Broadway/Amsterdam gets a huge SEC crowd - UF and LSU alumni groups "home base'

        1. First, second most of the suggestions and data above. Second, a couple of addition comments: the area (and specific suggestion) that Harrison gives is excellent. Many sports bars within a small block area. Plus, as Littleman has suggested, there is a Brother Jimmy's (an SEC hangout) @ 80th & Amst. (It is possible that the 2nd Ave restaurant is closed ( not my nabe) for the 2nd Ave subway construction which is creating havoc with the local retail spots. Finally, all of our suggestions have focused on places that attract a VERY young crowd, which you may like. If not, and it is not clear where your hotel is, just check around your local area to find some adult spots. As the above posters have noted, it will almost certainly be on national TV. In any event, could you post back and let us know what you did and how it all worked out? ROLL

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            Sorry to have forgotten this, but have you checked with the NYC Alabama Alum group? There is sure to be one, and that would make things much more pleasureable and easy.

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              First off, Roll Tide. :) Second, thanks for mentioning the young crowd thing. We're not old, but we're in our early and late 30's, so too young would be bad. I will try and remember to post back after out trip. I'll look into the UA Alum group. Good idea!

            2. Seems the Ainsworth on 26th St. will be the official alumni clubhouse, if you're interested in that scene ...

              The Ainsworth
              122 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

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                  Oh, I haven't been to the Ainsworth and I don't know specifically what the NYC Tide crowd is like. But I've stumbled onto other alumni sports-bar gatherings, and some guys are reliving long-ago Saturdays in the student section, if you know what I mean. Which may be more intense than you have in mind - or not :)