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Aug 26, 2010 09:07 AM

Any good chow in Lee's Summit area?

I'm unfamiliar with the area. Lunch or dinner recs sought. Any kind of cuisine, except perhaps bbq, since my mom will be with me and it's not her thing. Thanks!

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  1. B:2 burger boutique is very good if you are into twists on traditional burgers, also if the weather is nice, they do have a small outdoor seating area. I also like the sushi at Sakura which is right next door to B:2. Both are in the Summit Fair shopping area near 50 and Chipman.

    There is a branch of Garozzo's, too in Lee's Summit. The filet modiga is really, really good and the staff is extremely friendly there.

    The food at Marina Grog and Galley is generally mediocre, but if you sit outside, the view of Lake Lottawana makes up for it.

    Hope this helps. I hope some people will chime in with some recommendations for downtown Lee's Summit for you.

    Garozzo's Cafe
    9950 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210

    1935 W Owen K Garriott Rd, Enid, OK 73703