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Aug 26, 2010 07:20 AM

Best italian tomato producer ?

It's time to prepare jars of tomatoes for the whole year.

Last year, I bought tomatoes from 2 different places and the quality was pretty different.
Do anyone of you have a preferred producer ?
Is it possible to buy them directly on site and skip the marché ? (south shore/Montérégie)

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  1. Last year, my friend went to pick her own italian tomatoes in Rougemont (not sure if they're Roma or San Marzano). I believe it was at that place
    They also sell their products at JTM.

    1. I just bought a bushel of Romas from Freme Cecyre (20 mins from Mercier Bridge on 138) She hand picks all the Romas and they are delicious.You must call and order at the same time pick up some of the dozen varieties of Heritage Tamatoes she produces. Marie Josee 450-427-7852 as they work long days in the field leave message ( better in French)