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Aug 26, 2010 06:48 AM

Looking for authentic Jerk Chicken ingredients in Toronto

I know we have a decent sized Jamaican community. But unfortunately I'm not familiar with the right Jamaican grocery shops to go to to buy the true ingredients for real Jerk Chicken (e.g. Pimento wood, leaves, etc). Though I do recall this one small shop at the "Peanut Plaza" in North York. Don't know if that is still there. They used to make Jerk Chicken too.

I know I can order kits ( I obviously don't work for them) but would prefer to buy locally. Can any one point me in the right direction?

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  1. Think I'm too lazy to insert links for you, but I can confidently say you will find what you are looking for at either Nicey's Food Mart or Danforth Food Market. Both of these chains specialize in Caribbean groceries, just google and find the store closest to you.

    I'm heading to both of these stores tonight myself to pick up some Matouk's hot sauce and Irish Moss.

    Nicey's Food Mart
    54A Morecambe Gate, Toronto, ON M1W2N6, CA