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Aug 26, 2010 03:17 AM

Cave à manger "Au fil du vin" on quai de Valmy. Anyone know if they're open in August?

Since le Verre Volé is closed for renovations, I was looking for another cave à manger on or near the Canal St. Martin. Friends are coming this Monday and for our first evening out, I thought a casual wine bar with nice platters to share would be a good venue for a long overdue catch-up session. Along the canal would be a bonus since it's an area I'm quite sure they're not yet familiar with. Any idea if they're open? Can't seem to reach them...

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  1. It's a couple of blocks over from the Canal, but La Vigne St Laurent, on the street of the same name, just near the Gare de l'Est is very good, and gives the much hyped Verre Vole a run for its money.

    They're open on mondays, but I'd phone to see if they're back from vacation: 01 42 05 98 20

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      Lovely, thanks! Looked it up on and it looks like just what I had in mind. Fingers crossed they're open...

      1. re: canadiangirl_in_Paris

        You're welcome. I hope it is open. The two guys who run it are unassuming and a little timid, but the food and the wine are great. The plates of cheese and charcuterie are great, but I particularly like their plats du jour - less noble cuts of meat, savoyard "pasta", offal, tripe...

        They have Bordeaux and Burgudies, but their big thing is wines from the Savoie.