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Aug 25, 2010 07:47 PM

Spiaggia v Everest

Spending 4 nights in Chicago and will certainly be going to Blackbird, Alinea, and Publican.
Trying to decide between Everest and Spiaggia for the 4th night.
Does it come down to basically French v Italian? Are they on the same level? Would you consider Everest to be an older crowd, more formal place than Spiaggia?

1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

980 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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  1. Based on what I've read on other boards and heard, Spiaggia would rank below Everest. They are equally formal. I don't think one or the other attracts an "older" crowd.
    I would go to Everest. It's a beautiful room. Ask for a window table. The view is to the west and the lights in the distance make for a nice view. The food is delicious, service is wonderful.

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      My recent experience at Everest agrees that the space is beautiful (window table very desirable) and the food is exceptional. The service, however, left a lot to be desired for a restaurant of this caliber. I ordered a drink before dinner that was not served; one member of our party was offered a second helping of bread, the rest of us weren't; our entrees were brought to the table immediately after our appetizers were cleared with no break as though either the kitchen or the FOH was not monitoring that.

      I know some people have had bad experiences at Spiaggia and complained about small portions. I haven't been there recently, but people I know have been there in the last couple of months and raved about it.

      Neither place is perfect. Perhaps location or type of food (Italian vs. Alsacian) may have to be your deciding factor.

      1. re: chicgail

        Well, I think a lot of it is whether you want French or Italian. You are going to get excellent food at both places. Both are nice rooms. They both have nice wine lists though Spiaggia's pricing is absurd. If you are into wine consider byob (always call before to ensure they allow it and the price). Like Chicgail, I have had service issues at Everest. The view from Everest is great.

        980 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

    2. They are both absolutely superb restaurants, the very best of their type (Italian fine dining vs French fine dining) in the city. Both feature exceptional food, exceptional service, and an exceptional wine list. Regarding the service, my experience is very different from chicgail's; Everest has the very best service I have ever observed, anywhere. It's not just a matter of being friendly and efficient (which they were), but rather, a matter of subtlety and nuances. I still remember two different examples during one dinner I had there. Seated at the table next to ours was a couple with their five-year-old daughter. A waiter noticed that the sun was in her eyes, and politely addressed *her*, rather than her parents, to ask if she would like for him to lower the blinds. Also, when my iced tea was served with a slice of lemon, I gave the slice of lemon to one of my dining companions for her glass of water. I made no request, but for the rest of the meal, the waitstaff served me iced tea without lemon, and my companion's water was replenished with a slice of lemon each time. I've never seen any other place pick up on subtletlies in that way.

      Both have an affluent customer base of all ages. Both are equally formal, in the sense of having a large waitstaff, and requiring business attire (i.e. jackets for gentlemen). One more differentiator is the view from Everest's location on the 40th floor of the Midwest Stock Exchange Building, looking out over the city. Everest has an inexpensive pre-theater menu with a set menu, 3 courses for $52, at the 5:00/5:30 seatings. Everest is also the only downtown restaurant I know which offers valet parking for free.

      You really can't go wrong with either one. But again, I would say that the big difference is the style of food. Check out the menus on their websites at and and maybe one will appeal to you more than the other.

      1. out of towner been to both several times. can't lose with either. wine list much better at everset. expensive both places. never had a bad meal either place, never left hungry so portions are about what you should expect for class of restaurant. if you are going during white truffle season definately choose spiaggia. had totally collapsed souffle brought to table at everest so that shall we say was an eyeopener. remember though, on any given night any restaurant great or not can and will have an off night.