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Aug 25, 2010 07:47 PM

Blueberries still available?

Wondering if anyone knows if there are still fresh blueberries at the farms on Lulu Island? Would like to combine a drive for out of town visitors with getting some fress bluebs.

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  1. Might be getting a little late, though our greengrocer still has 'em. My go-to place for both strawberries and blueberries is Emma Lea but their website said they closed August 8. Maybe try Eddie’s Farm Market om #5 Road for organic blueberries (604) 270-2047. It's been a few years but they used to be excellent.

    1. Well, they're available, but they're not so good anymore. Past their prime, wrinkly etc.

      I'd look for blackberries, the first of the apples and such.

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        Just saw some nice ones @ Young Bros on Broadway-$2.89/lb!!!