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Aug 25, 2010 07:34 PM

What to do?!? Spicy & Tasty's new owners dump Chou Doufu ('stinky tofu), ETC...

I'm a long time customer of Spicy & Tasty in Flushing. After a hiatus of a couple of months I went there for a meal and to my surprise, NEW MANAGEMENT.

Not to worry...We sat down and started to order. When we came to a favorite, S&T's great variety of chou doufu ('stinky tofu') dishes, we were informed that the new owner did not like the fragrance so he banned it from the restaurant. BAD SIGN!

The meal was otherwise more or less ok. Although a bit on the greasy and salty side. I will have to try at least a couple more times before considering sadly crossing this previously superb place off my list.

MOST IMPORTANT though is where to get good quality and varietal chou doufu dishes in Queens. Any suggestions??

Spicy & Tasty
39-07 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354

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  1. Never had stinky tofu at S&T and didn't know it was served there. Is it even a Sichuan thing?

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    1. re: squid kun

      Southern China as far as I know - Guangzhou, Taiwan for sure.

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        i don't remember ever seeing it in cheng du when i was there although its possible they eat it

        as scoopG said, i've seen it alot in taiwan obviously and i've had it in HK, but HK basically banned it except for a select area b/c of the smell, so its not super prevalent

    2. Ya now a couple of months ago I noticed a new woman manning the cash register w/the then owner. Since then I haven't seen the old owner and didnt' think to ask. All the wait staff seems the same as does the food. In the Golden mall, right at the bottom of the stairs there's a Taiowanes eplace that smells like stinky tofu.

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        was just there last week to get takeout--2 order of sesame noodles,,,and asked the man who was manning the register to please get Chef Shek (the bald guy who mans the cold bar) to please make my noodles because I didn't like how the waiter who sometimes does it when he's not manning his station..the man was so nervous, and kept asking me if I wanted spicy noodles or something else..and I said, no..I just want the sesame cold noodles and showed it to him on the menu--he didn't seem to really know where that was on the menu--all the cold app's were exactly the same..He passed the message to another woman and in a few minutes Chef Shak emerged who recognized me (my husband eats there a lot--and he only lets Chef shak make stuff like that)---anyway--2 women emerged with him, and they were laughing and talking in Chinese and calling him Dr. of the sesame noodles--and one of the women was the old owner, because she said hi to me, and asked for my husband--and reiterated..he is the best...he definitely is the best--and the other lady was very nice--so, the cold scene is good as ever--and I know my husband has had lunch there at least 2x in the last few weeks--and all was the, let's hope no chefs have defected....anyway..they were very friendly--and yes, saw many of the same waitstaff-- (some of them not so friendly, and a few are)--

      2. Gu Shine has it - served a couple of ways.

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        1. re: scoopG

          Yes, I know the place. But sadly nothing to compare to the old S&T's offering.

          Thanks for the suggestion. Surprised that there is such a paucity of responses.

          1. re: Zier

            the fried version (taiwan night mkt style) is decent at ah zong mian xian in the flushing mall, but thats obviously different than the ma la chou dou fu at S&T

            I'd avoid Gu Xiang for their chou dou fu, generally their street food is ho hum, its their more home style stir frys that are good

        2. that's a shame. ST's ma la chou doufu was amazing (and popular). the smell either made people hungry or made them want to leave (especially people who weren't sure what they were smelling and were speculating on the origin of the smell - i witnessed a couple get in an arguement within a minute of the sterno-fueled arrival of my order - luckily, cooler heads prevailed after they figured out the source of the smell).

          in the main part of the food court in the flushing mall on 39th ave at the stand all the way to the right (but to the left of the hand made noodle place which is kindof outside the main part) has ma la chou dofu (clearly written in english). it is different form ST's but is served in 1 person size portion if you're with persons who don't want to partake. the person cooking there has a deft hand - this is the only stand from which i eat in this mall except upstairs where the korean women make the best steamed chinese dumplings in nyc.

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          1. re: piney

            Thanks for finally giving some feedback on the chou doufu hunt. If only there were places with S&T's variety of CD dishes. In Taiwan one can similarly get a great variety of preparations in rest. and night markets.

            But, please give more precisions on where in the mall this Korean women with the great dumplings are and what varieties she has. Does she make any that are not the standard pork filled fare??

            1. re: Zier

              Leave the food court proper and go upstairs to the main retail floor. It's one of the few food vendors up there, not far from the fountain.

              Flushing Mall Food Court
              133-31 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11354