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Aug 25, 2010 07:20 PM

Mexican Market in San Rafael [Mi Pueblo]

Has anyone tried the food court at the mexican market in San Rafael. I walked through and it looked and smelled wonderful. What's good to eat there?

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  1. The whole chicken being grilled over mesquite outside in front is the best chicken around. The sides are average - I skip and just make our own sides. We tried the tacos inside, too, but have been back at least 4 times for the chicken.
    It is tasty the next day, too. They have a nice salsa in the salsa bar across from the meat dept. The meat dept is fabulous.

    1. I get a chicken burrito at the grill outside about once a week. The spicing and smokiness on the chicken is delicious.

      1. Are you guys talking about Mi Pueblo Super Market ?

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          I think so. Sounds like the big very nice market I went to. Very large food court on the left with outside window. Bakery, large fish and meat sections and a cheese, salsa counter across from the meats and fish. Bellam Blvd easy access from the Richmond San Rafael Bridge take the E. Francisco Blvd exit 1st off the bridge.

          1. re: wolfe

            I've been there. Just thought that a little clarification was needed since no one seemed to mention it by name.

          2. re: chefj

            I'd be surprised if it wasn't Mi Pueblo. The mesquite chickens (also in Oakland) are excellent.

            1. re: ML8000

              A couple of the smaller Markets in Fruitvale also do their chickens out front as well if memory serves me.

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                Yes but few other places have stores in both Oakland and SR, so that's why I figured it's MP.

                So how are the other chickens in Fruitvale, any recommendations?

                1. re: ML8000

                  True enough. I was actually just mentioning it in passing.
                  I do not know how they are anywhere, I have never bought one. Sure would make quick work of dinner thou.

            2. Mi Pueblo is great. I have eaten there frequently since it opened. The sopes and green chile/cheese tamales are particularly good. There are 3 different areas to order food indoors (all different), and a window outside. There is comfortable seating inside and outside. I really like the whole pre-cooked chicken, which can be picked up and paid for at grocery checkout. They make their own tortillas and chips onsite, which can be purchased in small quantities. The other side of the store has salsa and queso bars, as well as a very nice-looking butcher department. Check it out!

              1. I LOVE this store. Clean, nice helpful staff, great prices! Everything mentioned previously, I agree with - the grilled chicken outside at the window is outstanding. Additionally, the produce is lovely, the house made tortilla chips are great - for some reason I do not care for their fresh house-made packaged corn tortillas, though.

                In the Deli area (near the meat counter) be sure and try the fresh grated cheeses, Guacamole, Salsas and the Salvadoran Creme.

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                  Lately my chicken burritos outside have been less that stellar. I think b/c someone new is making them but the chicken has been dry and the beans too hard.