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Aug 25, 2010 06:28 PM

Anyone been to Sweet Bliss (on Queen E.) lately?

I went a week or so ago on a Friday when they were supposed to be open and no one was there at all--nothing to indicate why they were closed. Just wondering if anyone else had been there of late or had any similar experience when trying to go there.

Sweet Bliss
1304 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

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  1. Hi. I know you posted this in 2010 but if you are still wondering about the hours they continuously change due to the fact that they must find the freshest ingredients. The summer hours for the 2011 season is
    Monday - Wednesday = Closed
    Thursday = 10AM - 3PM
    Friday = 10AM - 5PM
    Saturday = 9AM - 5PM
    Sunday = 10AM - 5PM

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    1. re: skittlez

      That's actually quite surprising. How can a bakery manage being open less than 4 business days each week? Is the bulk of their business in catering?

      1. re: tuttebene

        What I find strange is that the hours "continuously change due to the fact that they must find the freshest ingredients". That just strikes me as weird for a bakery. Sorry, but exactly how fresh are the eggs, cream, sugar, butter, and flour they're using? I would think they need to keep consistent hours due to the fact that customers won't know when to shop there if they don't.

        1. re: Full tummy

          The 4-day open schedule used to make me crazy. And I've wondered more than once how they make it work. The place is popular but it's not Prairie Girl-out-the-door line-up and sold out.

          I used to love this bakery but they stopped making my favourite cupcake (chocolate with vanilla butter cream) and they are not too flexible about requests (can't even order a cake with chocolate cake and vanilla icing). I ODed on the cranberry butter tart pie at X-Mas so I'm not as susceptible to those cherry butter tart squares. I also found the icing was different than I first remembered it in the days I first went there, well over a year ago. If I'm in the neighbourhood on a day they're open, I'll go. But I'm not the rabid fan I once was.

          But then, I always do this with cupcakes---go nuts over the butter cream goodness and then I'm over it.

    2. The owners of Sweet Bliss are funny people.

      I spent a long time wondering what was up, but I kept going back for the really good stuff -- excellent cupcakes of course, but also great cookies, lovely not-too-sticky-not-too-sweet-no-icing cinamon buns, and so on. I've been back enough that now I'm a regular and I get an honest, if small, smile and the occasional extra when I go. Maybe they just are NOT 'good business people' -- reserved introverts with odd, personal, sacred cows that people don't expect.

      Anyways, the business seems well. They have expanded from 3 days to 4 and recently hired some counter help (2 young Chinese ? women) who still need some training.

      I wish them success. As a person who usually finds Toronto shop owners way too "eager" and way too false-friendly, I wish them luck. I enjoy visiting them -- even when I was treated a little gruffly. Good product no pretense.

      Sweet Bliss
      1304 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

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      1. re: Atahualpa

        Yeah this is my experience with them as well. I used to live just up the street and was a semi-regular. Sometimes slightly weird service, and sometimes giving me a free pie near closing time so it "won't go to waste." They're definitely not polished service people, but they certainly love baking because their stuff is great.

        I dunno, I definitely tend to appreciate the passionate food people with service issues, like Burger's Priest for example. In NY these people wouldn't even stand out, people should google Kenny Shopsin for an idea of what REALLY crazy service (and brilliant food) is all about.

        1. re: Atahualpa

          I've had a mix of very nice service and a little brusque, depending on who is there. Nothing that offended me; the lack of flexibility was not presented in a way that was nasty or anything. They do have some good stuff--just seems like some of it is not quite as good as it used to be.

          1. re: Ediblethoughts

            Sorry to everyone if I gave an inconvenient response. I think I'm just an avid fan to the bakery. I think they extended their hours again to accommodate customers.

            1. re: Ediblethoughts

              "They do have some good stuff--just seems like some of it is not quite as good as it used to be"

              This is not something I have yet noticed. In fact, I'd argue the opposite -- some of the recent new cupcake flavours they have been trying out are fantastic. I especially liked the banana bread cupcake with chocolate icing.

              1. re: Atahualpa

                Interesting. I guess I'm a simple cupcake person in some ways; if I can't get a really fudgey (heavy on the icing sugar and lighter on the butter) vanilla icing, I'm dissatisfied. I used to love, love their vanilla icing but when last I was there, less so.