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Aug 25, 2010 05:20 PM

What kind of chuck roast?

I want to try a new pot roast recipe for my slow cooker- it calls for "4 pounds boneless chuck roast". When I looked for it at the store, there were 2 kinds- boneless blade chuck roast, and boneless cross rib chuck roast. Are either of these what I want? Maybe I need to wait until it's on sale sometime, and there will be more choices??

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  1. Boneless blade is definitely fine for pot roast. I haven't seen chuck labeled "boneless cross rib" but identical cuts have varying names in different regions. Chuck is shoulder so I wonder about the "rib" designation. However, as long as it is chuck I imagine it's okay. You can ask in the meat department - the butchers/cutters usually know, even in chain supermarkets.

    1. Either will do as long as they are both chuck.

      I use a 7 bone chuck roast. it obviously isn't boneless and is usually a little thinner and bigger in area than boneless blade. I think the bones add more flavor to the braising liquid (sorta like a stock).

      I can't always get a 7 bone chuck roast so I have to settle for anotherr chuck roast.

      1. I believe the cross rib chuck roast has less marbling than a blade roast. My preference is for the blade roast, but generally for pot roast, I look for the chuck roast with some marbling. Also, I look for what is on sale or less expensive.

        If it's chuck, you'll have good results no matter which cut.

        I do miss the days when you find a 7-bone (or ox tails) for about $1 per pound.

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          I can sometimes get a 7 bone on sale for $1.99 per pound. Oxtails and short ribs are way to fashionable, nowadays. I can't usually get them for less than $3.99/lb.