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Aug 25, 2010 04:45 PM

Need NOODLES near Penn Station

Hi guys,

There WAS a half-decent Chinese noodle place in the 30s on 8th Ave but sadly it closed.

I need a noodle place of some sort that will deliver (and hell, I live NEXT TO Madison Sq Garden - it doesn't get much more central).

I just need noodles - Chinese, Thai, good ramen, anything! - that will deliver.

Any suggestions would be SO MUCH appreciated.

Thanks, Hounds.

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  1. Grand Sichuan dan dan noodles?

    Maybe somewhere in Koreatown would deliver, like Pho 32?

      1. Probably a long shot, but I wonder whether Arirang delivers. If they do, a bowl of their soup would last you a good long time if you're by yourself.

        1. What about Mooncake Foods? They definitely deliver to that area, and have very good quality/quantity for the price.

          1. thanks, guys. i'll investigate all your suggestions.

            i'm missing me some some al dente chewy chow fun.