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Aug 25, 2010 04:41 PM

Southern Spice Flushing question...

Going for the first time there tomorrow--anybody know what the lunch specials are, they are not posted on their website...also, the menu seems to indicate that the chicken 65 is white meat breast, is that correct, because someone I'm with will not anything other than wings or breast...also, is the mint curry (nilgiri) sauce served with shrimp, and if so, how are the shrimp prepared?

How are the portions?

few more questions....anybody try the chicken tikka, couldn't find any real comments on their tandoori at all--and the few comments about the chicken tikka marsala indicated the chicken was dry and didn't even have a tandoori chicken tikka flavor....and lastly, how is the shrimp biryani...I tend to have mixed experiences ordering shrimp in indian places--and tend to shy away from it..but, I do like to try it out...

thanks for the help.....

Southern Spice
1635 Hillside Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

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  1. Their chicken tikka masala is not a strong dish. Chicken 65 is a much better choice. The meat is cubed so it's hard to tell, but it should be breast.

    I've never had the nilgiri with shrimp but the nilgiri with crab cakes is excellent, they are pan seared. Their biryani are very strong, very well spiced. The shrimp biryani uses medium sized shrimp and I recommend it. Once in a while their mutton biryani is awful. Their tandoor platter is quite good and generously sized. Overall, their lunch special portions will sate the average man, more than enough for the average woman.

    Lunch specials are the biryanis at slightly reduced price (minus the boiled egg). Chicken tikka, chettinad, etc. at slightly reduced price (but also slightly smaller portions) and they include soup, choice of nan or rice, veg or lentil.

    1. I would advise going for dinner when the menu is the focus. Please don't miss their biryani, it is unequaled in NY, and go with the chicken. The chana masala, breads, and sheek kabab are all outstanding, as is the chicken 65 of course. But don't miss the biryani. I think it is even better now than when they opened. They just keep getting better and better.

      1. My wife and I went last night for the first time and had a decent meal. I like the place and will go back, probably with a group, to get a better feel for what they can do, but we ordered reasonably conservatively and got very mixed results.

        First of all, the samosa chaat was excellent. This was as good a dish as I've had in years in NYC, even though its a basic app. The chick peas were firm and tasty (& plentiful), the samosa shell non greasy and not heavy, the potato filling well spiced and well made, and the layers of sauce all had distinct flavors. A gem.

        We ordered the mixed tandoori because its a good test dish for, well, tandoori. The meat was abundant, but mostly chicken with a couple of lamb sausages and a shrimp thrown in. There should have been more non-chicken. The chicken was of good quality and tasty but the tandoori skills were moderate, as it was somewhat dried out and the flavors not there from the basting. Not a bad dish at all but not up to one of the better versions. We ordered the shark scramble and, although its a tasty dish, I have nothing to compare it to and can only say that I didnt find it compelling. We have leftovers so I'll try again tomorrow and see what I think. They definitely toned down the spicing for us so that may have been the issue. Is this usually an aggressively spiced dish? The Karala crab cakes were very good but the saucing was too mild. I dont mean not spicy, just not there enough to add anything to the dish. I liked the flavors of the sauce but it didnt integrate into the crab cakes at all. The eggplant was nicely done, with several small eggplants cut up in a good rich sauce. Nice. Garlic naan didnt have enough garlic, onion (poori?) was ok, raita was excellent, rice decent. Obiously, we ordered enough for 4 (or 3 of my size) so there are leftovers. The price of all this was $70 with tip, so I cant complain, especially since the beers from across the street were only $1.50 each.

        Pretty empty for a Friday but it was only 7pm so maybe they're doing ok? As I said, good enough to come back and explore some of the dishes talked about on the board that we just couldnt do last night (chicken 65, biryanis, lamb dishes). But it wont replace the original Jackson Diner in my heart (or memory) and it wont replace Dhaba on my moderate price rotation.

        Jackson Diner
        37-47 74th St, Queens, NY 11372

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          Okay, so another beautiful day at the US Open, watching tennis balls fly around. Visions of dinner in Flushing, maybe at Fu Run or Spicy & Tasty? Nope. Had to go back to Southern Spice to see if other stuff would be better than last night's dinner. Three of us this time and we started with the Samosa Chaat again... and again it was excellent. Then we ordered the chicken biryani, the chicken 65 and a lamb in mushroom curry sauce. All way above average and now I'm beginning to see what others are happy about. A couple of interesting breads, a bowl of raita and something called lemon rice rounded out a very nice dinner. This time the bill was $74, but for 3 of us. And we have even more leftovers. Glad we returned.

          Fu Run
          40-09 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354

          Spicy & Tasty
          39-07 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354

          Southern Spice
          1635 Hillside Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

          1. re: Steve R

            The last few times we were at SS, they had signs posted that customers could NOT bring alcoholic beverages into the restaurant. Also, they would not be serving any themselves. It appears that policy has been reversed.

            1. re: toby1355

              Definitely reversed. He all but pushed us across the street to buy beer. Opener on the table within a minute once I got back.