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Aug 25, 2010 04:39 PM

Wellfleet's Best Lobster Roll

Wellfleet, or Wellfleet vicinity please. Where am I happiest with the lobster roll?

Fired clams?


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  1. For the lobster roll, Mac's on the pier in Wellfleet... or Friendly Fisherman in Eastham - has been getting some un-fab reviews lately- last time I went was in May, and it was excellent, as always. I generally prefer a hot lobster roll, and the only place I have seen them locally is at Arnold's, also in Eastham. I have also been very happy with their fried belly clams- the "Fisherman's platter" is a great deal, and includes a generous portion (more than enough for 2) of shrimp, scallops, fish, belly clams, calamari, and (thank God!) oysters. I have never been anything less than happy with anything I've ordered from Moby Dick's, even though it doesn't seem to get a lot of love here.


    Moby Dick's
    RR 6 Wellfleet MA, MA

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      I had a lobster roll at Moby Dicks in June..was not too impressed. I always favored Friendly Fisherman but have not been this year and won't likely. Mac's Seafood BTW has amazing sushi.

      Moby Dick's
      RR 6 Wellfleet MA, MA