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Aug 25, 2010 03:49 PM

College Football, Microbrews and Great Pub Food in Downtown PDX?

What more do you need? In this person's opinion, nothing really.

I'll be in Portland for the first time next Saturday, which happens to be the first weekend of college football and I wondered if anyone could recommend a good place in the downtown vicinity to watch some games, drink some microbrews and chow on some great pub food. All three components of the equation are equally as important.

Based on preliminary research, I know there are several brew pubs downtown, some with menus that look pretty decent, but what is unclear is if they have a tv or tvs that would likely be tuned to college football. I'm not looking for a replica of the ESPNzone in terms of tvs, but a few flat screens would be nice.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Big Bacon

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  1. you're fucked. sorry to be so blunt but the trifecta you're looking for simply does not exist in downtown......barely anywhere for that matter. That being said, Deschutes Brewery will get the beer/food part mostly right, and have at least a game or two on. For more game action, On Deck will have every game and a basic(for portland, which will blow 9/10 towns away)micro list, but extremely average bar food. For a more Portland sports bar, Try Claudia's on SE Hawthorne....again the food is basic but the vibe is the best.

    Sorry again to be a buzzkill. good luck.

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      Thanks for the reply -- I was planning to start with Deschutes or Brideport and go from there... was hoping each would at least have a tv or two. I'm not looking for some random, obscure game -- I know TCU/Oregon State will be on in the afternoon and that will certainly be sufficient.

    2. Try Blitz in the Pearl.

      1. I actually really like Paddy's on SW 1st and Yamhill. It is a very authentic Irish Pub and they have surprisingly good TVs. We watched the World Cup there and they had good HD TVs everywhere. Not sure they have a dish or College Football Package, but will definitely have ESPN/ESPN2, ABC, CBS, NBC, Versus, Etc...

        Food is darn good too. I particularly like their Reuben. Best Guinness in Portland as well.