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Aug 25, 2010 02:54 PM

help... need a private/personal chef for a day, south of boston, for a 40th birthday

please, help me. hubby is turning 40 next month. i want to do a backyard dinner for 35 adults, 20 children. i'm not looking for your typical BBQ like Blue Ribbon but rather what i am looking for is a chef/caterer to grill some steaks/prime rib and put together some sides and apps in my backyard. how do i go about it? look for a caterer? an event planner? a personal chef? i wish i could tell you what i'm looking to spend, but i am unsure. we usually do all the shopping/prep/grilling ourselves (ok hubby does) but i want to sit back and enjoy this evening. any suggests, recommendations would be well appreciated. thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I would suggest a local personal chef/caterer called Puddingston Kitchen based in Somerville. The chef MaryCat Chaikin is great about cooking for small parties and tailoring the parties to the needs of the client. She specializes in using local foods. Check out her website:

      1. Elisa's in Newton does small party catering, not sure she'll do on site cooking. ; (617) 964-6775

        1. It sounds like you may have a few issues to consider. Do you want to supply the food and have a chef cook it? That's going to be harder to find than a caterer that supplies the food and cooks it. Do you want to sit back and enjoy the day without worrying about clean up and cocktail/Beer/Wine service? That's something a private/personal chef will not be able to do without help and which will certainly cost more. Also I would try to stay somewhat local in your choices, Where on the SS are you?

          I hosted a high(ish) end outdoor cocktail party at my home (South Shore) catered by A Catered Affair out of Rockland. They are expensive but I felt like I got my money's worth. Everything looked and tasted wonderfull. A very professional job by both servers and kitchen staff. I never lifted a finger except to greet my guests. I'm sure a seated dinner would be quite a bit more but at least this gives you an idea.

          Menu for 35 Guests at $30.00 per Guest ............$1,050.00

          Staff of 2 for 4.5 Hours (estimated) on site from 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM
          1 Manager/ Server & 1 Cook
          Uniform: White Bistro, Black Pants with Long Black Aprons .............$630.00

          Bar: All beverages, ice, bar fruit, bar equipment, glassware and bartending services $475.00 (I provided champagne, wines and beer delivered from a local package store)

          Field Kitchen Equipment: at site
          Estimated Serviceware Rental: China, Glassware, Serving Pieces, Coffee Equipment &175.00

          1. I'm not sure what his pricing is but Crazy Chef based in Easton is very good. The chef is also owner of Loco Tapas in Easton.