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Aug 25, 2010 01:56 PM

Traditional Japanese Meal

We are having some fond memories of our Kaiseki dinner in Tokyo from December, and trying to figure out if there is a place in Dallas that does something similar to a traditional Kaiseki dinner or not.... Thoughts?

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  1. No way nothing even close really. Kenichi did something moderately similar once for a special occasion but no sitting on the floor or anything. You can get omakase/tasting menu at Tei An which is not really anything like Kaiseki but is at least fairly Japanese in sensibility. There's no way you're going to find anything like an authentic Kaiseki here unless it's put together special. Masami does have a separate little room with a low table, you could call them if you wanted to try to put something special together although they are pretty small to do a full Kaiseki.

    1. not. There was a really nice Osechi dinner at Kenichi a couple of years ago - the chef who put it together had some experience with Kaiseki cuisine, as I recall. But he's gone (from Kenichi, anyway) and I don't know of anyone else who would do it. I wonder if Teiichi Sakurai or Keiichi Nagano would attempt something like this. I suspect that it would have to be a big event, though - to make the menu development worthwhile.

      where did you go for Kaiseki?

      500 N Elm St, Denton, TX 76201

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        Went to Kozue at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo. They even had blowfish tasting courses (not sure if they always do or cause it was Christmas time). It def. ranks in the unforgetable awesome meals list...

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          thanks. I'm spending one evening in Tokyo next week, and will keep that in mind.

      2. Anyone been to Yutaka's new Izakaya place yet?

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          I was invited to the re-grand opening of Sharaku Sake Lounge, but had to be out of town on business. Broke my heart. I've seen the new menu and it looks great, many traditional izakaya tapas-style offerings in addition to a great sake and shochu list.

          Back on topic, my friend Ritsuko-san at Mr Max told me the other night that one of the local sushi businesses offers osechi ryori for purchase in late December. We were discussing the osechi ryori offerings that are brought in from Japan and sold on the website. I spoke to them yesterday and they will not be importing osechi this year. I didn't ask why, but suspect the economy and yen exchange rate issues are why. I forgot who the local osechi supplier is, but will inquire again and post it up.

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            I got all excited but that's unfortunate to hear about the osechi ryori for the upcoming year and sounded like it would have been great. Either way glad to have you posting and hope to hear more about your insight on Japanese food in the metroplex.

            Would you happen to have any more information on Sharaku? Obviously they'll have kushiage and kushiyaki, but I want to see what else they have. If you could share the new menu, that would be great.

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              We think it is Sushi Sake, but are not 100% sure. It will be advertised around December in Iroha, the local Japanese newspaper that you can find for free at any Japanese establishment. If you cannot read Japanese you may need to ask someone who does to assist you in locating the advertising vendor.

              Here is the website link for the Sharaku Sake Lounge. In addition to the items listed on the online menu I believe you can also order anything off of the Yutaka Sushi Bistro menu too (two doors down, same owner)


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                Full disclosure: the longest I've been in Japan for single day layovers, only taken foreign language classes and self study. I'd put my comprehension of the language at about elementary school/jr. high level, so I think I'd be able to figure out the ad. I'll be on the lookout when the time comes around.

                I shot Sharaku an email and saw the menu. I do hope they go seasonal and have items like buta no kakuni (braised pork belly) that I've seen at west-coast izakayas ie: Izakaya Bincho.

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                  If you like buta no kakuni then you should try either chashu or tontoro at Mr. Max. Neither is a regular menu item though so availability varies. Which BTW, Yutaka Yamato studied under Hare Nakamura, the Mr Max owner/chef. The Sharaku Sake Lounge appears to have some nice kurobuta offerings; the pork equivalent of kobe beef, but I've yet to experience this new menu.

                  Hari Bar
                  405 W Texas Ave, Mart, TX 76664

        2. Sushi Sake caters to many Japanese customers.
          You might ask the owner (Soda) if he can help you.

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            And they have that great new room in back.