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Aug 25, 2010 01:54 PM

What's for Dinner, Part XLIV



  1. Thanks, mc.

    Salad nicoise, with a pretty yellow heirloom tomato and some really good canned salmon from a local fish company that buys straight from the boats.

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    1. re: eight_inch_pestle

      mmmm love a good salad nicoise. do you use potatoes, and haricort verts? i'm making myself want to make this tonight.... hard boiled eggs, a nice dijony-dressing.....mmmmmm

      1. re: mariacarmen

        Yes to the beans and no to the taters. The little buggers I planned on using went all soft and sprouty on me when I wasn't looking.

    2. This morning I put a chuck roast in the crockpot with some beef stock, Italian Seasoning, hot banana peppers (with the juice) and a touch of tomato paste. It's going to be a cross between an Italian Beef Sandwich and a Beef on a Weck from the Buffalo/Rochester NY area. I'll serve the beef on a homemade kummelweck roll; a kaiser roll brushed with a cornstarch mixture and sprinkled with coarse salt and whole caraway seed. I'm also going to make some horseradish mayo for the top. YUM

      1. Sauteed with EVOO and garlic, frozen spinach from Trader Joe's, added a package of T.J.'s, Brown Rice , sliced heirloom tomatoes, then added left over seafood. All sauteed in a wok. Added a little chicken stock to moisten. Wella-Dinner! :)

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          Folks - Cherylptw has already started another thread here:

 - perhaps you can repost over there?

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            drats. didn't see that! ok, we'll move over.

        2. Hi mariacarmen. Hope this finds you and your folks well.
          I've got some kale and some garlic. We're not particularly hungry tonight (it's a heat thang), so I'm just going to saute them in a little olive oil and top it off with a poached egg or two. I have some pain rustique to toast, and some good preserves for that. We'll eat around 5, and then neither of us will be able to sleep (again a heat thing) so we'll probably watch an old movie. The Breakfast Club is On Demand here, so that sounds pretty good. Of course it will require, what do they call it? "Fourthmeal?" and we'll eat a tuna salad sandwich on that same pain rustique.

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