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Aug 25, 2010 01:50 PM

Favorite Spanish extra virgin olive oils?

I just discovered Spanish olive oils after a fantastic meal at Piperade in San Francisco. What are people's favorites? I'm guessing I'll have to buy mine at Trader Joe's or Whole Paycheck.

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  1. Difficult to get outside of Catalonia but the best I know is "Fet a Soller".

    1. I used to use Carbonell. It was the everyday olive oil of my friend's mother from Madrid. Today I use Nuñez de Prado. I prefer it over Ybarra. It's wonderfully fragrant and deliciously fruity. The smell of it is quite intoxicating as I make potatoes for a tortilla española. I'm sure there are many others that are wonderful too.

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        Fairway brings in one from Estremadura that combines a little bitter green with that warm and golden Spanish base flavor. Really delicious.

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          Where did you get Nunez de Prado? On-line only?

          1. re: hobbess

            I used to buy it online from La Tienda, but I' ve found a couple local resources that sell it.

        2. Unio Siurana - made with arbequina olives. it's fruity and delicious. been buying it now for about 12 years! i find it mostly in small shops, tho, not chains, but I haven't checked Whole Paycheck.

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            Ditto on the Unio, really nice olive oil.
            I also like Nuñez de Prado

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              Whole Paycheck sells Unio and they even had it on sale yesterday. I'm happy with it but it's not quite the same as the one I had at Piperade. The Piperade oil had a little bit more bitter greenness, which was a nice contrast to the fruitiness of the oil.
              But again, I'm quite happy with Unio.

            2. Despana is a great shop in NYC that has online ordering:


              I was busy buying sherry vinegar for the trip home so passed on oo but they did taste good.

              1. You might have a better selection at The Spanish Table in Berkeley (and elsewhere?) The "deli" next to Cafe Rouge down on 4th Street used to sell 1-2 Spanish olive oils in bulk, but they are now offering only buttery American oils.

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                  I've got to get to the Spanish Table next time we have more than a day in SF.

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                    delete - never mind, just realized what chocolateguy was saying. bummed to hear about Pasta Shop - that's where I used to get Unio.