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Aug 25, 2010 01:45 PM

Top Quality fish market between New Haven and Saybrook?

I need to find a fish market with extremely high quality and good variety. At a minimum we need tuna and salmon for sushi, but would also like to find escolar if possible, along with day boat sea scallops. Any advise? Will be shopping on next Saturday, 9/4.

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  1. Saybrook Seafood in Old Saybrook. Quality fresh seafood and plenty of store-made goodies for the freezer!

      1. re: madisoneats

        The absolute best fish market I've ever been in is Number 1 in Hamden (while not exactly between New Haven and Saybrook!). Amazing fish....very knowledgeable staff, and the finest quality in everything they sell. Not cheap, but worth every penny!

        1. re: lsnhc

          I've never been personally, but a friend from the area swore by it. And I really enjoyed scallops purchased there (prepared at home) last summer.

          +1 for Number One!

        1. I vote for Bud's in Branford - amazing selection and top quality, but you will pay for it.

          I want to try #1 Fish in Hamden again, but I was very unhappy with some lobsters I got there earlier this summer. One was missing a claw! That's a major problem - it should have been culled out as sold as such, or cooked onsite as sold as meat. No way should anyone pay top dollar for a one-armed lobster.

          1. Hands down the best in the area is Alantic Seafood, Rt. 1 in Old Saybrook. Hugh selection and if it was any fresher it would be swimming. Also many house made specials. Caution on the Escolar(snake mackarel) it has an undigestible oil that goes right through the digestive tract and to say the least is not a fun experience.