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Aug 25, 2010 12:46 PM

Real Cuban in Mount Dora, Florida

It is rare to find a real Cuban food restaurant, not just a deli, but biggest exception is to find a real Cuban full service restaurant and in Mount Dora, Central Florida.
This place has an extensive menu and the cooks know how to prepare and present the meals.
Best not to miss the Ropa Vieja, Boliche, Arroz con Pollo.
The owner greets you at the door and he becomes your friend at subsequent visits.
Moderately priced, you may want to accompany your meal with wine.
The only negative is the Cuban bread served as soon as you sitdown. It is not the kind one is used to get at most Cuban restaurants, but that is a minor issue considering the rest of the experience.

560 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

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  1. Hi, you left out an important factoid here: what's the name of this place?

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    1. re: spicyD

      Actually, the OP did put it in the original post, but it linked to a restaurant in NYC, so I'm guessing someone removed it. Here is the information, and I hope it doesn't cause an incorrect link too!

      (352) 385-9000
      320 Dora Drawdy Way
      Mt Dora, FL 32757

      BTW... My DW and I were there once for lunch and really enjoyed.

      1. re: ltlevy

        Don't get too excited and don't drive from orlando or apopka to go to this place. Portions are small and the price is high! For real cuban,,drive to orlando!
        I don't usually bash mount dora resturaunts unless they deserve it. I actually bought a cuban sandwich at black bean deli in winter park, brought it back to mount dora and showed my neighbor. I didn't tell him where it came from. His first comment was,,"this didn't come from copa cabana!" A real cuban is packed with meat and is pressed with real cuban bread. The bread at copa cabana does not taste close to cuban. Maybe it is because the owner is from mexico. Their roast pork is good however,,,they just dont give you very much. I really wanted this place to be authentic and good,,it 's just not.