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Aug 25, 2010 12:42 PM

Pho Thai Nam

After spending a month in Hong Kong in June, I wanted all American food upon my return to the States. Being back for a month, I craved some of that great Asian cuisine I enjoyed in HK. Heard mixed reviews about Pho Thai Nam, but thought I'd check it out. A BYO in a strip mall offers an adventure for everyone.

The decor is simple and it feels pretty airy, which is a nice change from the usual jam jobs in the area with tables on top of tables. We were presented with the menus immediately and our wine was opened. Lots of interesting items on the menu, ranging from Thai to Vietnamese to a bit of Asian fusion. The two of us opted for one appetizer and two entrees, the steamed chicken dumplings ($5.95 for 8 pieces), the green curry with tofu ($10.95) and the drunken noodles with chicken ($10.95). The dumplings were light and tasty, with a sweet ponzu-type dipping sauce. The addition of the Sriracha (which was on every table) was very nice and brought that sharp heat to a mild and perfectly cooked dumpling.

The portion size for the entrees was very sizable. The drunken noodles were wide rice noodles with a basil sauce, not much heat, but good vegetables and a very nice flavor. Slightly oily, but overall very tasty, with large chunks of browned chicken interspersed. The green curry was nutty and rich, with lots of zucchini, broccoli and tofu in it. This was the 2nd hottest curry on the menu and definitely deliver that nostril/back of the throat heat. The jasmine rice was well prepared and ample. We almost finished the lot of both, going back and forth between the sweet and the spicy.

I finished the meal with an iced Vietnamese coffee ($3.95), an excellent finish to a very good meal. Highly recommended, very reasonably priced, well paced meal, friendly staff, no complaints, definitely will be back!

Pho Thai Nam
1510 Dekalb Pike Ste J, Blue Bell, PA 19422

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  1. gosh, we haven't been over there in forever. will have to go back soon. :) thanks for the reminder.

    1. I go there for convenience because the gaming shop, Alternate Universe is in the next shopping center over and gaming on an empty tummy makes for bad times. Since you recommended the green curry with tofu that is what I ordered this tuesday.
      It was a long hot ride over there and my friend and I only had about 45 minutes til we were expected for card games. I was feeling pretty fried. The staff as usual welcomed us like old friends. As soon as I took a sip of my thai iced tea I started feeling much better. When the curry arrived even my friend commented on the beautiful presentation, and he is not one to notice such things. I knew that you eat with your eyes first but was reminded of this when I gazed on the creamy vegetables in the white square bowl. Just looking at my curry was so soothing that I didn't dig in right away. All my cares melted away with the creamy spicy light curry. The heat from the curry made my iced tea just that more refreshing.
      My friend caved and got his usual chicken pad thai which he devoured with great gusto. I managed to convince him to part with a forkful and it was tasty, but if it had been mine I would have been liberal with the lime provided for squeezing.
      Even the busboy there is very friendly in a non-obtrusive way. Thanks for the rec mkertello.

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      1. re: givemecarbs

        Glad you liked it givemecarbs! -- I'm heading back this week to try the pho!

        1. re: mkertello

          I've had the pho, (brisket) and liked it. I'll get it again when the weather turns colder. Pho seems popular there. I can't eat it as fast as the more experienced phoers so I have to make sure I'm not in a hurry when I get it.

          1. re: givemecarbs

            Was a bit chilled on Friday night and opted to head back here. It's quickly becoming one of my favorites. My dining partner got the pineapple fried rice, which for about $10 was a mountain of a portion, but I went with the pho tai chin (brisket and top round) with extra noodles. Well I will say that this $9 meal turned out to be as good as anything I've had in a long time. Piping hot, rich broth with an unreal serving size. You definitely DO NOT need to get extra noodles, because I couldn't even come close to finishing it. The basil, lime wedges, jalapenos and bean sprouts were served separately and could be added at will. The jalapenos added a crazy amount of heat, the basil and the lime cut through that. Overall, just a delicious meal for under $10. I can't recommend this place with more than 2 thumbs up, but if I could, I definitely would. The service is attentive but not smothering. Do yourself a favor as the winter and snow keep pounding us and get some PHO!

            1. re: mkertello

              If I had had my way, I would have been eating pho there on friday night too. But early as my tournament starts at seven pm. Alas my two friends voted for China Star and I got over-ruled. Gonna show them your post and try for next friday. My one friend is quite the soup fan and for us eating pho this time of year feels like being given your own personal fireplace to warm up with and get toasty from head to toe.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                Couldn't agree more. I just remember after each slurp, letting out a little soothing 'ahhhh'...hopefully you make it there next Friday!

      2. I tried this place a few years ago and thought the food was subpar, both the vietnamese and thai food. So many of you have enjoyed the food, I may give it one more try.

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        1. re: thehungrything

          the place does the job beats driving to philly for your pho fix. I am only 20 mins to pho tai name vs. 45 mins to the philly.

          1. re: 808eater

            I hear you, this place would be convenient for me. We had an inedible meal there the only time we went.

            1. re: thehungrything

              I would have sent it back the owner really care bout the food they are serving. I would have said something.

          2. re: thehungrything

            We love the owners and staff and the location is convenient but we also feel that the Thai food is nowhere near as good as Thai Orchid and the Vietnamese pales in comparison to Saigon on Main. None the less we still visit from time to time because it is not bad food, just not as good as other nearby choices.

            1. re: Kater

              The atmosphere at Thai Orchid is gorgeous and relaxing too. What do you usually get at Pho Thai Nam Kater? The staff is really friendly there and I love all the folded cranes hanging in the window.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                Me too, that's why I feel like a bit of a rat by saying that their food is not the greatest. I've had both their Vietnamese entrees (usually pho or bun) and thai dishes (the curries, drunken noodles, summer rolls (those are good), pad thai, iced coffee of course. The most erratic has been the pho, some days the both is quite good but sometimes it tastes like dishwater!

                1. re: givemecarbs

                  We are going to Thai Orchid this Saturday. I think the atmosphere is fabulous and their food is deliciously consistent!