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Aug 25, 2010 11:36 AM

Best reasonably-priced Indian in the W Village or Soho?

Friends from France just blindsided me with a request for Indian food for dinner...tonight. Would like to stay in the area around their hotel (because they've walked practically all over Manhattan already). I checked here and found a few references to places in these neighborhoods, but wondered if there were any particular favorites to be recommended? Not Tamarind Soho price level pls. Thanks much.

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  1. Surya on Bleecker is reasonable. I haven't eaten in the restaurant recently but it's always been pretty reliable and solid. Plus it's comfortable and they have a full bar so your pals can relax after all of that walking. There's also Bombay Talkie but a) that might be too far for you and b) is a little pricier, I think.

    Bombay Talkie
    189 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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      There's Hampton Chutney Company on Prince, if they like dosas.

    2. Thanks all, we ended up at Surya and it was very enjoyable. They couldn't believe the size of the portions served.

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        I am curious what you ordered. Most of what I tried at Surya was very bland and I've been there multiple times. The chicken tikka in particular has always been dry and bland. I've really wanted to like it as there aren't good Indian options in the West Village...