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Sep 2, 2005 07:55 PM

Another fabulous meal at Giorgio Baldi

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Went to Giorgio the other night and had yet another fabulous meal from there. Started with the mushroom risotto off the menu - it is truly superb. It's lighter than most risottos I've had, with a terrific tomato sauce. The SO had the veal gnocchi to start. The gnocchi itself was very good - very light and a nice texture, but the veal sauce was not my favorite. It was not bad, but I just like other things on the menu (like the gorganzola gnocchi) more. Also tried the white truffle risotto, which was rich and decadent, with an emphasis on RICH. Delicious.

For mains, we both had the dover sole in the lemon and wine sauce. Giorgio really knows what he's doing with his fish - this was amazing. At $40, it is not cheap, but it is fantastic. Light, flavorful, and the sauce is a perfect combination of white wine and lemon.

Skipped dessert, I don't think they're worth it here. Overall another fabulous dinner at GB.

FYI - they are now sending people over to the bar next door for drinks before dinner while waiting for your table. The bar used to be the Friendship, but now it is The Hideout. Pretty cool place with a full bar, nice for a drink before dinner.

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  1. Yeah, GB is the best for Italian seafood. It's cramped and crowded and expensive, but given the quality of the food and the fact that the people-watching is usually terrific, I'll look forward to my next meal there.

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      some of the best sepcial raviolios ever from pumpkin to lobster to duck, all grand and small and expesnive.

    2. I really love that Dover Sole as well. They tend to "push" the Spigola (branzino) as the house specialty but the sole is better, IMHO. I prefer the branzino in their amazing ravioli w/tomato-caper sauce (when they have it).

      Never had the veal gnocchi...hmmm.