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Aug 25, 2010 10:33 AM

Dinner near Albert Hall

I am planning ot go to the first half of a Prom next week. Any suggestions for a good restaurant within easy reach of the Albert Hall? Could be a short taxi ride away. I'm looking for something excellent, but it doesn't matter what kind of cuisine.

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  1. 1. daquise (polish, pls see limsters review)
    2. el pirata de tapas (spanish, westbourne grove)
    3. brindisa tapas (opp south ken tube)
    4. sally clarkes (ken church street)
    5. launceston place
    6. min jiang (ken high street). actually, the views are stunning if you go a bit early
    7. ishbilya (lebanese, a little further out on william street)
    8. boloud at the mandarin oriental

    and so on .....

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    1. re: howler

      Thank you. I go to Brindisa often, and wasn't overwhelmed by Launceston Place. I think I'll go for Min Jiang, though by prom interval time we'll be too late for the views.

    2. Bombay Brasserie, 140 Courtfield Road, Kensington, just south of Cromwell Road near the Gloucester Road Tube. Just possibly the best Indian restaurant in the world! 10 mins walking distance from Royal Albert.

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      1. re: memphisman

        Good choice to go to Min Jiang. Try the duck if you can.