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Best Pizza in Dutchess County


I was wondering opinions for great pizza in Dutchess County - I am partial to square thin crust but always in search of a great cheese slice.

My favorite of all time is DD's on Hooker Ave in Poughkeepsie but a new great love is at Cozzy's Place a few door's down - there Nonna's pizza is fantastic - beats Alloy's any day.

What are your faves?

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  1. ANTONELLA'S with locations in Fishkill and Wappingers Falls makes a good Pie.

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      There is an Antonella's in Hyde park as well.

    2. Nonna's is really good - Thin, crispy crust and tasty sauce! As close as I've found to good NYC pizza in the Poughkeepsie area

      1. In Southern Dutchess, I like the regular slice at shop in Stormville. Huge, crispy crust and delicious, even by NYC standards. Still looking for a good Sicilian slice up here. Closest is in Yorktown at intersection of 35 and 202, next to bakery and cable TV place.

        1. My favorite is Goodfella's, in the Red Oaks Mill area of Poughkeepsie. It's in a shopping center on Vassar Road, right before it turns into 376 at the "shamrock intersection". They have tons of different types of pizza (chicken parm, bbq chicken, lasagna, buffalo chicken, sausage/peppers/onions, veggie, many more) and the slices are big and and I always enjoy them.

          Leo's in Beacon (on 9D) is also pretty good, and I also like Antonella's in Wappingers as someone else mentioned. However, those 3 places are pretty much the only ones I've tried, and Goodfella's is the best out of those 3 in my opinion.

          I usually get pizza with toppings rather than just cheese, so I guess this doesn't directly answer your question, but I'm just so happy to see a pizza in Dutchess thread! I haven't tried too many places because there are just so many to choose from so I stick with the ones I like. I'd love to see others' favorites as well.

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            I love the barbecue chicken at Goodfella's! I haven't found a better one yet!
            Anyone have Nick's in Hopewell? Several years ago, K104 radio had a PizzaPallooza and they won "the best". All these pizza places came to a hotel in Fishkell and you could sample all their pizza - I wish they would do that again - I did not go.

            I haven't been to Nick's yet but keep meaning to try it. I like Pizza Village's in Hopewell Jct too. I have tried to go to Touch of Naples several times and every time I try, they are closed!

            A new place on Myer Corners Road opened - "Joeys" - he used to be the chef at Alloy's back in the day. I want to get there to try his thin crust. I have to put it on my list.

            If anyone wants amazing pizza - try the sicilian at DD's on Hooker Avenue - it is fantastic - thicker than regular and square, but not too huge and doughy like most. We had it last night and it was incredible. Their sauce and cheese are the best around........if they ever retire, I don't know what my husband will do.

            Pizza Village
            71 Lake Shore Dr W, Dunkirk, NY 14048

            Goodfella's Bar & Restaurant
            15 Watervliet Ave, Albany, NY 12206

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              I actually just went to Nick's this weekend. I hadn't been in quite a long time. They are pretty good, but nothing amazing in my opinion. I have only had Pizza Village when we have pizza days at work, I will have to go there on my own sometime and try it. PizzaPalooza definitely sounds like a good idea!

          2. i like longobardi's in wappingers. great slice. i've also heard that a touch of naples in poughkeepsie is really good. amedeo's in poughkeepsie and little jozef's in hopewell are ok too.

            1. in pawling...at three guys from the bronx...the hot sausage with sauteed red peppers and onions is great!!

              1. In Rhinebeck, we have fallen in love with the pizza at Francesca's. Village Pizza is very good but there's something about the pie at Francesca's that causes us to eat way too much! :-)

                Francesca's Pizzeria
                Aster Sq, Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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                  Thanks for the tip! How do I get there from Main Street in Rhinebeck?

                  Has anyone been able to try the pizza at Cafe Bocca in Mt Carmel in Poughkeepsie? I am on their email list - food sounds good!

                  I just tried Colanero's Pizza in Red Oaks Mill in Poughkeepsie - the delivery took an hour and 15 minutes and all the cheese on the sicilian I ordered was on the top of the box - very disappointing! If I try it again, I think I will definitely just go pick it up!

                  I am also very sad that Cozzy's on Hooker Ave in Poughkeepsie closed - they were my favorite thin crust - their new location is way too far to go. Now I have to be back on the search to find a replacement.

                  Off topic but if anyone loves great cupcakes as much as pizza like I do, you must try Moxie Cupcakes - truly amazing. They deliver to the Crafted Kup by Vassar College, Samuels in Rhinebeck and other places - she has a facebook page and soon will be opening a store front in New Paltz. I have tried a lot of famous cupcake place in NYC and she, by far, makes the best I have ever had.

                  Red Oak Restaurant
                  305 Front St, Binghamton, NY 13905

                  Colanero's Pizza
                  30 Vassar Rd Ste 8, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

                  Crafted Kup
                  44 Raymond Ave Ste 1, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

                  Cafe Bocca
                  14 Mount Carmel Pl, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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                    Hi Jennbakes,
                    To get to Francesca's just go North on Route 9 from the middle of the village. Pretty soon you'll pass through a street light for the Stop and Shop on your right. Just past that, there is a left hand turn into the entrance for Astor Square. If you reach Phantom Gardener, you've gone too far.

                    Astor Square is a complex of buildings hosting a number of businesses ranging from restaurants to dentists. Francesca's is in there. But while there, be sure to check out the chocolates at Oliver Kita.

                2. Any new contenders now three years later? DDs pizza has changed recently - much less cheese and their Sicilian is now very thin crust and less cheese - disappointing. Cozzy closed a long time ago - Goodfellas and Antonellas just ok..have Francescas in Rhinebeck and Stormville Pizza on the radar - any other suggestions?

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                    Pizza Shop at the intersection of RT9 & 52 is a new place in Fishkill that does a very good job. They are owned by Cosimo's. Generally I'm not a big fan of Cosimos' food, but this place makes great pizza. In addition to regular slices, they have thin, crispy, square pies too that may interest you with tasty sauce :) My favorite still is Nonna's in stop & shop plaza off rt 44 in Poughkeepsie...

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                      Yes - La Torretta in Hopewell, in the A&P Plaza on Route 52. Better than my old favorites!

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                        I had heard great things about La Toretta and had it one night at a friend's house - the cheese pie was tasteless and everyone disappointed - maybe that night's pizza maker? My friends that have had before said it usually is good - one said better if you eat in? Haven't been back for another chance yet. Have you ever tried Simone's - that place seems busy in hopewell too..

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                          I have never tried Simone's despite passing it on the way to work every day - I'll have to try it!

                    2. you might like amadeo's (lagrange) which is naples style. it's nowhere near as good as the places in nyc, but quite good for here.

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                        Agreed - amadeos is good, one of the better places around here.

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                          I believe Amedeos closed sometime this year - saw the building was for sale and someone on tripadvisor also said it was gone. We went to the restaurant several yrs ago and thought it was ok but never got there when it was a pizza parlor...

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                            oops! thanks for that. we didn't go that often, but liked it when we did go.

                            that's too bad...there's another place that closed (purple house) which was really good, used slightly higher priced ingredients which tasted better, but their pies were several dollars more expensive than the other places.

                            the places that we go (madison's, amore) are good for where we are (pleasant valley) but aren't worth driving 30 minutes. someone will mention aloi's or gino's, but those are probably the best i've heard of in poughkeepsie.

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                              Yes it is too bad they closed - Ginos is ok and Alloys sauce is pretty plain in my book - hard to find a tasty sauce/cheesy combo anymore!

                        2. Try Four Brothers Pizza in Pleasant Valley, NY. It is just outside of the town on Route 44 heading towards Millbrook. It is greek pizza and it is outstanding!!

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                            It's been awhile since I've been in Dutchess County, but coming up through Beacon on Rt 9, there's a strip mall right next to a basketball court that used to have good pizza. Can't think of the name now. When I'm in the area (which, unfortunately, is not as often as it used to be), I always try to get a few slices there. Being from NJ, I also notice that the slices tend to be much larger than they are in my home state. Larger doesn't necessarily mean better, but you definitely get more for your buck in NY State, at least when it comes to pizza.