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Aug 25, 2010 08:31 AM

Wonderful Meal @ Joshua's in Wells ME

Chowhound scores again! Based upon my research on this site my wife and I left the kid with the grandfolks and went to Joshua's in Wells for our date night.

What a great meal. What really blew me away was a Fire Roasted Wild Mushroom appetized. The smoke from the fire complemented the earthiness of the wild mushrooms so well. An amazing dish of such simplicity...we loved it.

I was still in my Maine tourist mood, so I ordered the lobster pie. After seeing some lamb chops come out of the kitchen I tried to change 2-minutes later but the waitress told me it was too late. I was surprised, but accepted my fate. This was tastey but reminded me of the lobster stew I had th night before at Mikes Clam shack, but with a pastry topping. Good mind you, but I think I was a bit lobstered out at that point.

Our service was nice and attentive,. The waitress was a bit weird, I can't place it, but it was something. And me and my wife laughed whenever the waitress said 'josh made....' There a lot of things Josh makes, but it was kinda pretencious the way the waitress kept saying it. House made, or chef prepared seems okay, but referring to everything as 'josh made was a bit much. I'm sure his sous chef helps too.

We ended our meal with a blueberry pie made guessed it, Josh and it was delicious. This restaurant really was such a step up from the other restaurants in the area. And the prices were no greater than the 'nice' places in Olgonquit we went to other nights. Really, a major step up in food quality for to more cost.

Thanks Chowhounders for the rec.

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  1. Sounds great! We have a new place to try next we go that way! Thanks for the review. :)

    1. Have eaten there and really enjoyed it. Great food and service and nice people too. Yes, there is a bit of "Cult of Josh" going on there as it's a family run business and the proud parents work the door and the son is the chef. Most of the fresh veggies come from the father's farm. All in all a stand out place and once the crowds have thinned (wait can be tedious in season) I'm going back.

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        "Cult of Josh" is funny, but I remain a huge fan, especially during this harvest part of the year when the haddock gets some truly extraordinary vegetables.