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Aug 25, 2010 08:21 AM

Apple picking + chow-ish meal 2 hours from downtown Toronto?

I would like to take my bf apple picking one weekend afternoon in October somewhere within about 2 hours of downtown Toronto and then have some awesome food once we've worked up an appetite. We normally eat at places like the Stockyards, Sidecar, Negroni, Pizza Libretto, and Black Hoof but love to do casual (Black Camel and Craft Burger) or upscale when it's worth it (like Canoe). Ideas for where to go to get the best apples and then a delicious meal?

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  1. I have always gone to Laidlaws for apple picking, i cant speak to it in comparison to other places because its a big nostalgia thing for me..

    I have always enjoyed the apples i have gotten from there and the prices are reasonable...there is a small entrance fee but nothing outrageous. Often crowded on weekends.

    I cant speak to chow eats in the area but i do love getting their corn on the cob (dipped in a bucket of melted butter of course)

    1. Here is a recent article about Ontario's Apple Route:

      For the food part, Port Hope comes up quite frequently on this board. Just do a search.

      1. Apple picking is great in Stouffville on McCowan north of Stouffville Rd, some good restaurants in Unionville, just a little south. Applewood Orchards, good variety, gets really busy.