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Aug 25, 2010 07:43 AM

The Ripe Tomato (Ballston Spa)?

I will be having dinner at The Ripe Tomato for the first time. I did a search of this Board and nothing came up . . . SO told me it is a good family restaurant.

Anyone been? Suggestions?

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  1. Longstanding roadhouse, friendly service, decent food, moderate prices, always crowded. Shrimp bisque is a signature; decent Italian dishes, ok bar.

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      Thanks, PSZaas. I guess I'll start with the shrimp bisque . . .

    2. We had a large group there last summer after a funeral. The food was good, and they handled our large group well. I like the decor, too, very homey. I'm sorry I don't remember more about the food, but I liked it well enough that I would go back.

      1. Nothing to write home about. Mediocre food.

        1. Friendly place. Our server was excellent. Company was great.

          I had the shrimp and scallop bisque with a splash of sherry. For my entree had the cedar salmon - salmon with a balsamic glaze and grilled over scallions served with a side of veggies and rice pilaf. It was actually served over onions (not scallions) which were on top of a thin cedar plank.

          1. Do not agree with earlier posters that it is mediocre. Good food for the prices. As some have commented, the bisque is one of their signature dishes, and should be tried. Ripe Tomato has also put some downsized portions of their signature dishes on the menu, which is a good thing, since some of their regular portions can be quite large. Service for me has always been good. Recommend it highly. But, since this is Travers week in Saratoga, a very busy time through Sunday the 29th, reservations are highly recommended and you may run into some long waits. It's a popular place