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Aug 25, 2010 07:20 AM

first date between Duxbury and Sandwich

What would be an amazing first date between Duxbury and Sandwich? Any cuisine, moderately priced, intimate yet fun..I was thinking Solstice which I love. Any other recs? Anything on the water?

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  1. Soltice would be my first choice. Aqua Grill maybe, on the canal in Sandwich? Or maybe rhe Roo Bar in Plymouth which has an open kitchen and fun vibe. Never found a great place on the water in Plymouth/Duxbury. Isaacs is the go-to place, but I've yet to be impressed.

    1. You've got a nail-bitter here mrwynter! Seems to me Duxbury is far enough south that you're confined to no-mans land. I must make the trip to Soltice, it always gets great rec's. Do return and give all the skinny on where you end up dining.

      1. If Sandwich is a consideration, consider The Painted Lady/Belfry Inne & Bistro, link: