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Aug 25, 2010 06:48 AM

Reno - suggestions for a large group and an arranged dinner?

A friend of mine has made a small independent movie, and we will have about 40 people in to watch it and talk about how bad it is. <grin>

Does anyone have any suggestions for a restaurant in Reno that would do a good job of putting together a dinner for us afterwards in a private or semi-private area, either with a small buffet line setup, or perhaps offering a choice of 3-4 entrees that people could select from in advance?

My friend would like to have a price point of $25 or less, not counting alcohol.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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  1. This is a tall order as It is hard to think of anything big enough other than casino's . The only place I can think of that has the facilities and does a pretty good job is the Resort at Red Hawk at Wingfield in Sparks nv. . they have good banquet facilities and do holiday and special occasion banquets , several of which I & my wife have attended and enjoyed. You may want to try some of the casino's ( peppermill , Atlantis ect. ) .
    Good luck with the planning and dinner.
    Nv. Zephyr

    1. If Mexican food is a consideration, how about LaFuente? They've got a room that could handle 40.
      I think some of the groups like Rotary or Kiwanis meet at the Gold N Silver Inn, but I can't think of a special room they have.

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      1. Although a casino, the Tamarack Junction in South Reno has a really nice banquet room that is adjacent to a lovely patio. It's a casino, but not obnoxious. We used to do my daughter's swim team banquets there. We've also had a work function in the back room at the Santa Fe. Washoe has a private room, as well. A lot of restaurants are pretty accomodating with this type of request.

        Tamarack Junction
        13101 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89511

        1. Washoe Steakhouse (775-786-1323) has a separate room that can accommodate between 25-100 people. For a party of 40 there most likely will not be an additional charge. Their service, food, and facilities have always been wonderful. The only problem you may encounter if you chose to have your dinner there is bumping up against your $25 per person limit. I suggest contacting them regardless - as they may be willing to work with you. Good luck!

          ETA: One more thought...Pinocchio's in Sparks (their newer location) also has banquet facilities. JP is pretty easy to work with (775-626-0101), this might fit more comfortably into your budget.

          Washoe Steakhouse
          4201 W 4th St, Reno, NV 89523

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          1. re: enbell

            Really good idea and I agree that the price could be a sticking point but for that many people I also agree that they could work with the OP. Really good food and service when we were there.

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              It says a lot about this restaurant that I, a vegetarian, find myself recommending it over and over again!

            2. re: enbell

              Thank you for the replies to my cry for help! I'll pass them on to my friend for consideration.

              We've been trying to avoid casinos for the most part, and I suggested to him that he look into whether Sardina's could accommodate that many if they closed just for us that evening, and also mentioned Gold n Silver as a possibility.

              Hadn't thought of Washoe or the Resort at Red Hawk (though I know people who live out there that say the food isn't as good anymore - but I don't know that myself).

              He's also looking into Lavender Ridge out on West 4th to see if that might be a possibility.

              Of the casinos, I think that room at Tamarac Junction might also be a good choice.

              Thanks again for the suggestions,


              Sardina's Restaurant
              3314 S McCarran Blvd, Reno, NV 89502

            3. We've decided to hold the dinner at La Vecchia, which offered a package where each person has a choice from several items (including salmon) on their early-bird menu, a glass of red or white wine, and tax and tip included, all for $21 per person. We'll all be seated in a separate room from the public dining area, so this sounds like a GREAT deal, considering the caliber of the food at La Vecchia!

              Thanks for all the suggestions and responses.


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              1. re: bill2975

                We've not been there but sounds like a winner. Please report back.