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25th Anniversary Dinner - Not Until December

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My wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in December. Couple that with her 50th birthday 12 days before our anniversary and it calls for something special. We live in South Jersey - 10 minutes outside Philly. We've been just about everywhere we want to go there...nothing even remotely excites me in Atlantic City. So I'm thinking NYC for a dinner and a show possibly.

Problem is...I'm sure there are a million places I don't know about. Also - my wife is not the most adventurous eater. I am initially thinking Le Benardin as she is a big seafood lover and their menu is not intimidating at all.

So fire away - and thanks in advance for suggestions.

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  1. Given that you plan to do a show, are you thinking of dining pre-theatre or post-theatre? What day of the week? Your choice of show will also influence what restaurant you would dine at -- you don't want to risk missing the curtain. Some of the high end, special occasion places aren't located near the theatre district.

    What's your budget? Other than seafood, what else does your wife like? Any other considerations like atmosphere, cuisine type, great wine list, etc?

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      It's a Tuesday. I think the plan would be to go after the show to avoid running crazy. Budget is not a consideration. My wife enjoys seafood, steak, Italian - she's pretty much a comfort food kind of person but is comforatable with these choices. Wine list is not a consideration - I'll be ordering by the glass. It's our 25th so it's an important occasion that we're pretty proud of - we'd like it to be pretty special.


    2. I would definitely recommend Marea. It's about a 10 minute walk from most of the theaters (or a very short cab ride away), it's across the street from Central Park, so the location is wonderful. They have some very good seafood choices (including a great selection of raw bar items) and it is Italian, so I think it could very well be the type of place you are looking for.

      240 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019

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        Marea looks great - just checked out the website. That's definitely on the list and THANKS!!!

        240 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019