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Aug 25, 2010 06:05 AM

Rehoboth Beach- favorite dining spots

I know this may be out of your area, but it seems like a lot of DC folks vacation in Rehoboth. If I should use a different board, please let me know. Looking for favorite places to eat, at the nicer end, or even mid-level places you love, in Rehoboth. Love Back Porch Cafe (esp for the reasonable wine list) and seems there has been alot of turnover/new places in the past few years. Usually cook at home due to kids with significant food allergies, but will be here without kids in mid-sept for a long weekend. Thanks.

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  1. My favorite dinner place is Lupo di Mare (I still remember the shaved brussels sprouts - way better than the name would lead you to believe).

    For a cheap and casual breakfast, try The Crystal Diner. I also like Green Man for brunch.

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        For a consistently great adult meal try Blue Moon in Rehoboth.

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          I'll 2nd Espuma - best place in Rehoboth currently. The same guy owns Porcini House (in the old Chez La Mer space) and I can recommend that as well, especially for a Sunday brunch. Eden is pretty good, too. Gus & Gus for greasy good lunches. I am told Cultured Pearl is great.

        2. Nage, a few miles west of the beach, does amazing food -- way above what most beach fare aspires to. They have two locations; one here in DC, and the creativity is unmatched in Rehobeth. Not cheap, but very serious food.

          Nage Restaurant
          1600 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036