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Aug 25, 2010 04:38 AM

Best Ethiopian restaurant in London?

Going to in London for a week in late September and am looking for what you would consider the best Ethiopian restaurant in the city. I live in Montreal and sadly, there is no consensus between the two apparently lone restaurants here. My husband puts it like this, "If they're both aggressively mediocre, then it probably wouldn't be reflective of how good a meal we could have."

No search on CH comes up with what I am looking for you so I ask you: suggestions?

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  1. Adulis near Oval tube (Northern line) is great - however it's Eritrean, not Ethiopian but it's similar in that it's served with injera. There's a couple of Ethiopian places I've been meaning to try - particularly one on the Caledonian Road called Merkato - maybe I should go and report back asap?!

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        ive been to merkato and really enjoyed it! but thats the only ethiopian place ive ever been to so...

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          From what I understand there's little difference between much of Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisines except a language difference - the bits around the borders of the two countries have gone back and forth so many dishes are similar. Some Eritrean cuisine does have an Italian colonial influence. I can't say I know Ethiopian food super-well - I have been to a few places in the States (Blue Nile in Detroit was particularly good - the can't remember the name place in Wash DC less so). I've made injera at home with some spicy wat and stewed greens which tasted great but never having been to the country I don't know how authentic they were.

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            this eritrean place has been reviewed on a few blogs, ppl seem to like it -

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              I don't rate this place at all. They were super pushy to have us all have the buffet - I wanted to order off the menu but they weren't having it! This was a couple of years ago so possibly it's changed but to be honest it was so terrible I won't be going back ever.

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          Adulis was recommended to me by some Ethiopians I met who sell food and delicious coffee at the Elephant and Castle market on Sunday. Haven't been there yet though.

        3. Kitfo House in Vauxhall was delicious, but like t_g i have nothing to compare it to. And I think it's Eritrean. And only open for dinner.

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            Asmara and Dahlak in Brixton are both good with the latter being Eritrean. There was an Ethiopian/Italian place in Oval, but I'm not sure if it's still there. There's also the Red Sea in Walworth. I haven't been to Wabi shebele in Elephant and Castle, but the consensus is that it's great for pure Ethiopian food!

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              I do a supperclub, A to Z of cuisines and it was E for Ethiopian this week. We went to Merkato and overall everyone loved it - we just asked them to bring out anything and everything. Some found the sour-ish bread you eat your food with a little offputting - I loved it. We said heavy on the spice please, and it was - lamb was v good, chilli toast starter great. Beef was rather dry. Lovely people, definitely worth going to.

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                I would guess the former is Eritrean too given the name, As mentioned above the cuisines are fairly similar, Eritrean restaurants tend to have more seafood options. Merkato was very enjoyable when i went, but that was about 3 years ago.

            2. Anyone tried Zeret Kitchen in Camberwell, on Camberwell Road? Heard good things.


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                Have been to Zeret a number of times. Great food, great service. Friday nights are particularly jolly - always full of locals. We've been to Eritrea and Zeret's food is certainly authentic (assuming that Ethiopian and Eritrean food are very similar!). Would v much recommend.

              2. Queen of Shebah in Kentish Town is wonderful. I've not tried the others mentioned here, but this place definitely deserves a mention.

                1. My sole non-food cart ethiopian experience is at Wabi shebele, near Elephant and Castle, but I was really impressed with it - good range, great prices, appeared to be very focussed on the food. The area is pretty awful for anything other than ethnic eats, but if you were nearby for some reason (Imperial War Museum, say) I'd give it a try.

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                    Wabi is no longer there - it's now a Turkish restaurant. I think the same guys who ran WB have reopened as Enat Guada further along the Old Kent Road, which is an Ethiopian takeaway.

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                      That is bad news - thanks for the heads-up.

                      1. re: Nii

                        by WB do you mean wabi shebele? if so i'll have to venture down to try out Enat Guada. Shame though if its only takeaway.

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                            Yeah, I was sad to see it closed. So is Enat Guada definitely the same people as wabi shebele?

                        1. re: Nii

                          This place is now back to ethiopian, called Habesha. Could well be the same outfit as the old Wabi Shebele. Anyone been?