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Aug 25, 2010 02:48 AM

Gelato Recs

I'm looking for Gelato recs for Japan. I'm in Tokyo until Sunday, then I'll go to Kyoto for a couple of days. After that, I've not planned exactly where I'll go, but if there are great gelato destinations, let me know.

So far in Tokyo, I've been to GROM and tried samples of many of the flavours. I've shared 3 small cones (2 scoops each) with another person. We had: a) dark chocolate & fior de latte w/ mint, b) extra dark chocolate & ginger, c) espresso & vanilla. I've also tried a few samples from Pierre Marcolini in the basement food market of Shibuya Station, and had one cone with two scoops: chocolate/orange and caramel. Marcolini was good enough to eat, but could not compete with GROM.

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  1. Y'know, it's not mind-blowing gelato, but you put me in mind of this place Ouca in Ebisu (I went to the branch in the basement of Roppongi Midtown) that makes ice cream in interesting Japanese flavors. I liked the salty cherry leaf, and also pumpkin.
    On the other hand, it seems like the fancy ice cream boom in other countries has gone way beyond what we have here. There's no bourbon-banana-bacon or anything, so it may be boring.

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      I'm a huge fan of the Shiratama at Ouca! Maybe my favorite in the city from the Ebisu location. Have to try their ice creams next time.