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Aug 25, 2010 01:45 AM

Grilled Pizza

All of the recipes I've found so far for grilling pizza also involve the process of making the pizza dough.

But, I went out to a nearby Italian deli, and just bought their pizza dough.

When I buy the pizza dough, can I just plop it on the grill? Or, do I need to let it rest and rise first and all the other stuff you'd do if you were making the dough?

And, what are some other tips/pitfalls I need to know for grilling pizza at home.

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  1. I would assume you are buying it ready to use, which means it has been bench rested and rolled out for you. Should be fine to use.

    Be prepared to ruin a few as you get used to the heat settings. I'm on my 4th batch, and just now really getting comfortable. But totally worth it.

    1. If it's cold you'll need to let it come to room temp.

      1. Indirect heat. I like putting the dough over the heat source until the dough bubbles/browns then flip it over off the heat and put the toppings on.

        1. You may need to cut the dough into smaller rounds, if it's a full pound of dough. Otherwise you will have a grande crust with no room on the grill for indirect heat. Make sure you have oiled the crust, and a little cornmeal on an unrimmed baking sheet as a makeshift pizza peel.

          And make sure your toppings are right next to you and ready to go at the grill. You need to work fast before it burns.

          1. Here is our process. Sorry that I am not completely sure about temps, but DH does most of the grill work. Our process does not involve indirect heat.

            - roll out dough to desired size and coat both side with olive oil.
            - put directly on grill grates (over hi/med-hi) until bottom is cooked.
            - Flip and par-cook next side (what was originally the top).
            - Remove from grill and put pizza on top of heavy duty aluminum foil, leaving the par-cooked side down.
            - Add toppings and place back on grill (still on aluminum foil) turning heat down to med/med-low.
            - When toppings are nice and melted, bottom should now be fully cooked.

            I have to admit out pizzas might be more like flat-bread, but they sure are tasty :-)