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Aug 24, 2010 11:11 PM

New to Houston and Hungry

I just moved to Houston from Los Angeles. I am basically looking for restaurants to try, but I have some specific criteria that I am the most interested in, though all suggestions are welcome. I am interested in finding a good Indian place and have heard good things about Indika and Kiran's, and while I will definitely try them both, I am also looking for a more affordable place for good Indian take out. I am also looking for places that are not meat-centric. I am a recovering vegetarian and I don't eat a lot of meat, and when I do it isn't really the star of my meal, so I would like to know of some places that are vegetarian friendly/ have non-meat options. I am also into organic/local/ farm to table.

As far as area, I live in Montrose, near the intersection of Montrose and Westheimer.

I have already been to Shiva and the Hobbit and I thought both were mediocre/not that good. I also went to Little Bigs and didn't like it.

516 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

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  1. My lunch buddy was vegetarian when I worked by the Galleria and she loved to go to Andre's - the River Oaks location.

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    1. Welcome to Houston. There are lots of strictly vegetarian restaurants in Houston and many, many veg friendly. There have been other threads on this in the past.

      Here's a resource you will find helpful: It's a much more complete listing of local restaurants than Yelp and the reviews are probably neither more nor less helpful but it will at least let you know what's available. You can use the search categories on the left sidebar to look in specific parts of town or zip codes and for special cuisines.

      There isn't much Indian close to you other than what you've already identified. Bombay Brasserie is located near Shiva and there are a couple listed downtown but no others in Montrose, Heights, Washington Corridor, the Medical Center, Midtown or West U.

      The area around 59/the SW Freeway and Hillcroft, a couple of miles outside Loop 610, is known as little India and has a collection of restaurants including Himalaya, which I think is the best, inexpensive Indian in town, Udipi and Sri Balaji Bhaivan (?), both of which are Udipi, and Bhojan, a Gujurati place that is actually connected to a small motel. Search on b4 in zip codes 77074 and 77036; apparently Hillcroft is the dividing line between those two zips.

      I've recently heard negative reports on Bhojan and there may have been a change of ownership or management and the food may have gone down hill but I haven't been in more than a year.

      Have fun and come back and tell us what you think of what you find.

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        Thank you. I will be sure to look on the web site for some new places to try and I will be sure to try Himalaya. Any specific vegetarian friendly restaurants you recommend?

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          No, when I'm in the mood for vegetarian I usually go to a vegetarian place instead of just asking for some vegetarian special at another restaurant; places I go to are mostly farther out than Little India if I don't go there.

          Here's a couple of older threads that may help:

          I thought I remembered the one about places close to the Menil had more responses but must've been remembering another thread. I thought I remembered Baba Yega being mentioned as one place that was very veggie friendly.

          Baba Yega Restaurant
          2607 Grant St, Houston, TX 77006

      2. Another Indian spot fairly nearby is Madras Pavilion, just south of Richmond on Kirby. It is completely vegetarian and the food is excellent.

        1. Vegetarian?

          Can't help you.

          (I just wanted to be on record as having said so.)