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Aug 24, 2010 09:51 PM

Bringing my own sauce to a BBQ joint - did I do wrong?


The best BBQ joint in St Louis is Pappy;s Smokehouse - they claim to be Memphis Style - they serve their meat wichout sauce but with rub and it is GOOD

The meat is unsauced (but moist) and on the tables are three different tomatoey sauces - hot, sweet and spicy. I happen to like pulled pork with peppered vinegar sauce (South Carolina style) so I brought a bottle of my homade sauce to the restaurant and put it on my sandwich with their coleslaw.

Wifey told me I should not have brought my sauce to the restraunt - what do you say??

  1. I say do what you want. I don't see the harm in it. It's not like you showed up with a brown bag lunch, bought a pop from them, and sat down to tuck in, LOL!

    1. There have been a ton of "bringing one's own item to a restaurant" threads, from teabags to wine to birthday cakes to halal options. The responses cover every square inch of territory on the following considerations, so much so that I have nothing to add:

      - liability risks on the restaurant's part when diners consume what the restaurant cannot control
      - etiquette basics of checking beforehand
      - etiquette basics of responding to the request/discovery
      - costs/margins
      - when the restaurant offers what is being brought in
      - when the restaurant doesn't offer anything to meet religious/dietary restrictions

      For this example, one question: why not take-out?

      1. Over the years, I have seen friends and customers carry personal squeeze bottles of honey for their coffee or tea.....due to allergy concerns and a desire for a sweet beverage. I also know of many who carry in their favorite hot sauces too. I see this example as a simple extension of those practices.

        1. I agree with your wife.

          If it had been a date, it would have been the last one. Yes, a dealbreaker. Only the tip of the iceberg.

          Next time, do take out.

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            1. re: OCAnn

              Any date that has a problem with this isn't worth taking out again.

          1. There are so many tales on Chowhoud, from NYers bringing rye bread into a deli - they love the hot corned beef but don't like the packaged rye bread - to people on a diet bringing their own salad dressing to folks using their own chopsticks at a Chinese restaurant or bringing in baby food or a bottle for their baby.

            I'm not sure why anyone would have a problem with any of the above.