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Aug 24, 2010 09:51 PM

What's For Dinner? Part XLIV

Welcome to the new we near the end of summer, the weather is cooling off in some areas & heating up in others. Has that affected your cooking? Are you still savoring the warm weather meals or are you craving (as I am) something a little more substantial? Please share & inspire us with what you're putting on the plate...tell us, what's for dinner?

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  1. Salad nicoise, with canned Loki salmon.

    1. It is cold. I want casserole. I want gravy. I want roasts. I woke up early this morning to go to the gym so I'd have time after work to make a nice roast lamb dinner, or perhaps stuffed zucchini. But mornings have a funny way of foiling the best laid plans and I spent most of the sunrise under the covers telling myself, "15 more minutes." So the gym will have to wait for tonight. And dinner had to be made in the morning. But with sleep still half stuck in my eyes, I needed to make something simple. I heated up the wok with chili oil and stir fried some cumin until its popping and nutty aroma suggested it was time to add minced garlic. Just as the garlic started to color, I added thinly sliced lamb that was already defrosted and some soy sauce. I wanted to add a splash of Shaoxing wine but in the morning darkness I added a splash or rice wine vinegar instead. I finished the dish with some chopped garlic chives and a generous helping of Szechuan peppercorns and white pepper. Even with the vinegar, it wasn't too shabby for 20 minutes of work before 8am.

      1. Chili cheese dawgs and tater tots.

        1. HAH!

          I weep at Cherylptw's introduction and, specifically, the mention of "warm weather". What is this "warm" of which people speak? I have vague recollections from some years back but, here in the UK, there has been nothing that might resemble anyone's normal thought of summer. Again! Last night, we seriously considered putting the heating on. So, in spite of a year where compulsory restrictions on water use have been in place for most of the recent months, cooking continues to be on the "need to warm you up" style.

          Tonight.......keema & peas; basmati rice; pappads, home made mango chutney and the killer tomato/lime/chilli chutney (both still 2008 vintage).

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            Warm weather is that thing that happens when the heat gets over 70 degrees out, such as today which is supposed to be 91 here. Great for growing your own veggies. I had my first tomato from my garden last night and it was the sweetest thing ever. (My tomato plant's are over 6 feet tall!) I feel for you though.

            Tonight will be much like Perilagu Khan's but with some slaw on the side instead of the tot's. Gotta love that BBQ grill on days like this!

            1. re: boyzoma

              Ah, yes - I recall hot weather and the last time I grew tomatoes. It was 1976.

              This year, I decided to grow them again. HAH!

              The plan was to grow just a couple of plants in pots - the tumbling cherry tomato sort. They were going to look great, with a couple of pots of red flowering plants. But the garden centre had mislabelled them and they were the tall plants. So they are growing in big pots in amogst my herbs and not looking at all pretty.

              But we have had two ripe ones over the last two weeks. Deliciously sweet. And there looks like 3 more may ripen in the next few days. The crop hasnt been at all prolific - but I think I'm going to need a recipe fo rusing a couple of pounds of green ones. Can't see many more ripening now.

              1. re: Harters

                Last year, when the season was over, we pulled the plants and hung them upside down in the garage. The green ones continued to ripen and we still got red tomatoes until about December! Imagine that! Good luck with yours!

            2. re: Harters

              Wow. Sounds like the island got spared by the heat wave in June and July, swamping the mainland. It was HOT!

            3. Tonight, it's baked macaroni with smoked gouda & bacon. Orange glazed carrots with balsamic on the side. Last night's caesar salad was just delicious so I'll make another of those. I didn't eat dessert last night so I'll have my meringue with lime curd & berries tonight.