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Aug 24, 2010 08:34 PM

Restaurant Recommendations with Kids in Loop

We are visiting Chicago from NY for the first time and will stay for 4 nights. Kids, ages 10, 8 and 3 are as foody as kids can be at that age and well behaved/accustomed to restaurants. Can someone suggest some places in the Loop or within a short cab ride or walk? In particular, what is best bet to try traditional deep dish pizza? Ribs? Steakhouse? Fun atmosphere for kids? Thanks!

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  1. Thinking of the kids, primarily - a few considerations:

    Pizza: one of the Giordano's locations.
    Steaks: Too Expensive for the more popular steakhouses.
    Ribs: I'm not a rib person.
    Other fun atmosphere: Ed Debevic's; Portillo's (River North); Rock 'N Roll McDonald's;

    1. Miller's Pub may be OK. Great Ribs lots of personality. Consider Greektown. Greek Islands/Parthenon/Roditys.
      Harry Caray's on Navy Pier. Kids will love the place and you will get a top shelf piece of meat.

      Miller's Pub
      134 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

      1. For pizza, I'd suggest Pizano's at 61 east Madison. It's in the Loop and a good representation of Chicago pizza.
        Just north of the loop you've got Rain Forest Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe and the rock and roll McDonalds. They are all rather touristy, but I know my kids would have loved them at that age. For a combination of fun and decent food, I'd second the recommendation for Greek Town, either Parthenon or Greek Islands. They are a very short cab ride from the Loop. Get the flaming cheese (saganaki) and the kids will be happy.

        Hard Rock Cafe
        63 West Ontario, Chicago, IL 60610

        1. I agree with the recommendation of Pizano's for deep-dish pizza in the Loop. I like Giordano's too, but their stuffed pizza is not the "traditional" deep-dish. If you're in River North, good choices include Pizzeria Uno and Due at Ohio and Wabash, Lou Malnati's to the west on Wells, and Pizano's on State to the north.

          For ribs, I'd go to Carson's... but I think there are better places to go in the downtown area. Have you considered Frontera Grill, for creative Mexican food?

          We have many steakhouses. David Burke's is IMHO the best, and I've seen them do a great job with kids (I've been there for Mother's Day brunch). If cost is an issue, consider it for lunch rather than dinner.

          For fun, the places mentioned above are good. So is Grand Lux Cafe on Michigan Avenue.